Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Thong Song

I rigged up a rope to climb up and down from the house to the Tester's new dock. I didn't really like the ramp setup I had initially placed there; the rope is much cooler but sure makes it hard to haul kegs of beer up to the house!

DJ Isobela was playing the Blues at the Blueberry Hill Dance Hall with Withnail as her host so I stopped by for the show. Ajay and mikki stopped by, too; mikki was trying to get With to sign up for the open mic night, apparently there is one opening left. He was resisiting mightily, so we'll just have to wait and see.

As soon as that show was over it was time to get ready for her show on GlamShack Beach. This was a one-hour show to get things fired up for Friendly Fire. Isobela's cousin Cerulean stopped by, there was a real nice crowd by the top of the hour. The only thing to mar the event was that mikki ran over my foot with her bus, and she said that she did it on purpose!

The Metaverse's favorite glam rock politi-pop power punk show band, Friendly Fire, took Bowie Beach storm. They debuted a new song, The Thong Song, simply fabulous! As Case said, "we're unhealthily obsessed with thongs and chaps at The Glamshack!" Case wore a Long Pink Thong for the song, put pants on real quick afterwards!

As mikki says, TGINF! Thank God It's Naked Friday! DJ Hy too the stage after Friendly Fire ably assisted by his hostess mikki. He played many of the usual songs, including that one about detachable parts. Some of those songs are getting a little long in the tooth, but the rest of his show was absolutely top notch.

The clothes started coming off fairly quickly, and by the end of the show there were eleven people wearing nothing but a smile. My friend Carmelita stopped by right at the end of the show and fit right in. mikki left her bus illegally parked in the bay, but I think Dee was going to borrow it later. It was another great night at the Shack.

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