Friday, August 22, 2008

Strange Tail

I went out on my airboat again. I finally figured out the controls; I'm sure Mack and Case's dock will appreciate that. It was fun spinning it in circles, and on an open stretch I even got it up to 73 knots! Way cool.

Isobela had subbed for a DJ in the place she DJs at on Monday mornings. The Wanderlust World Music Club. I received notice that she and her host Withnail were being attacked by a dragon, so of course I armored up, mounted my trusty destrier Glam, grabbed a lance and galloped over at once.

Luckily enough they were having a dragon-skinning workshop there later. The skining was easy but getting the smell out took ages. In any case, we now have a nice new dragon-skin rug for in case we ever build another fireplace!

DJ His Hyness with hostess mikki were at the Savoy in the evening. Isobela's cousin Borg was there, too. There must have been something in the water there, though; we all started growing extra appendages. Just another wonderful day in this wonderful world.

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