Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's A Kind Of Magic

I caught the last bit of DJ Isobela's show at At Last; she had a little better crowd than the last couple of weeks. She spoke of a special event there next week but for the life of me I can't remember what it is now. I'm sure Parker will remember, though.

After the show we changed and Isobela helped me choose a haircut. I ended up with two haircuts, actually. Not there there was anything wrong with the first, we just decided that we'd wanted something different.

A friend of hers called and wanted to go makeup shopping, so Isobela invited me to come along too. A second friend joined them and they had a grand old time. I didn't mind waiting because the store had a magnificent waiting area.

When they were done they all went back to our place for a makeup testing party. I chilled out at our bar for a bit and then headed out to the patio to watch their antics. I did some work on my armor, and on another project.

Later we went to KaruMagic. They have an amazing gigantic water slide that you go down with inner tubes. We too the express elevator to the top, paid out L$5 for tube rental, and flew on down laughing all the way to the bottom. We stayed in our tubes when we got to the pool at the base and played bumper inner tubes for a while, great fun.

One of the owners stopped by and chatted for a bit; she had asked to join in the bumping but it had gotten very late so regretfully we said that we had to be leaving. We each took one turn on the rope swing that throws you into the surfing waves (one more thing to go back there and do!) and headed home, tired and happy. Another wonderful day.

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