Friday, August 29, 2008

Here Be Dragons!

Isobela was experimenting with making jewelry today, and I messed around with it a little bit too. We didn't get much past the stage of fooling around with the micro-miniaturization tools, it looks like it might be pretty neat.

We visited CC Loons Blues Museum and ChrisCloud himself was there at the entryway to greet us; is that cool or what? It is quite an amazing place; I wonder if Hy knows about it? CC even had a dance floor on a dock out over the water.

Later we went on the Treasure Hunt at Bare Rose. The area where the first clue was found was fairly crowded, but thinned out rapidly after that. It was much easier and much more fun doing the hunt as a team. After completing the hunt we ended up with some awesome Dragon, knight and queen costumes.

We were able to make it to Club Casa Blanco for Firendly Fire's last song, and we all know which one what that is! It was just enough to tide us over until tomorrow when they will again bless us with their presence at the GlamShack.

From there we went to Buffy's Cove and noticed that they had been doing alot of work to the top part of the island, so we went to check it out. We took a long, swaying rope bridge over to Duke's Cove, and from there a real, working drawbridge to Asmita's Island on the Edge. Asmita's has a super-cool Underwater Art Gallery and Coral Gardens, Isobela noted that it "looks like Missy was here!"

Back at home Isobela was telling me how she, mikki and Dee would be working to get more use out of the GOAT. At CC Loons Blues Museum we saw promotional material for a number of artists that would fit well in a Blues and Jazz festival there. Another ongoing project is an Open mic night for the GOAT; today I think it was mikki who sent the notices out, but likely Dee and Isobela worked on them too. In any case all of the time slots were filled within a few hours! It's such a joy to work on projects around here because the people you're working with want to be there and want to do things like that. Life is good.

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