Friday, August 8, 2008

From the stratosphere to sandy beaches

Today a friend of Isobela's stopped by as we were sunbathing at Tun Tavern (Forward). We chatted for a good bit, he and I often teaming up on Isobela and picking on her. She took it in good spirits, though; lots of desk pounding.

Later on we went exploring, our first stop was at a furniture store that Isobela had heard about. We're not in the market for any furniture, but she wanted to look around to see if we could get any ideas for stuff.

Next we went to Mo-Tech Industries. They have a Store and Art Gallery, and a Sky Lounge at the top of an incredibly tall tower. I don't think that you can get towers much higher in the Metaverse; it had an excellent view of the tops of clouds. I was able to get a copy of that painting of dogs playing poker in the art gallery!

After that we went to Serenite. It is a fairly large outdoors area, medieval in nature but also dedicated to magic. There were al sorts of incredible vistas, purple rocks, marvelous caverns and pentagrams. There was also a small town with shops and a dock with incredible ship moored there. Plus, there was a barn with a hayloft!

Next we visited the beautiful tropical island paradise of Las Arenas Rosadas. They have some most incredible waves there! We walked on the beach around the entire island, including the many beautifully-colored bays and inlets. An incredibly beautiful, restful place.

We arrived back home to say goodnight just in time for dawn to break. Life is good.

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