Friday, August 1, 2008

Friendliest Fires

As soon as I got back from my trip I began working on another project for the GlamShack. I had been planning it out while I was away, it should be alot of fun. Of course it must remain a secret whilst I see if it's even viable; well a secret for everyone except Isobela; it's laid out on her front yard.

A new hostess at Gallery Orinoco sent a notice out at the end of the show; then got the directions wrong. I knew the directions were wrong, but went to see where they went anyway. It turned out to be a fairly decent dance club, but it wasn't my Gallery! I found my own way to the Gallery, and tried to explain to her where she went wrong with her directions, but I couldn't seem to get my point across. Oh well.

Later on I saw Friendly Fire at Club CasaBlanco; I haven't been getting my Friendly Fire fixes in and withdrawal was simply awful! Mack was sounding very relaxed. mikki was there and I was able to thank her for covering for me the night before and to congratulate her on the excellent notices that she had done. She played it off, said they were just off the cuff, but they were great!

Dee and I chided mikki for earlier indiscretions during her week-long birthday celebration; Synapse helped too. LexiMae stopped by, I hadn't seen her in a long time. I missed Fluffy, but there were scads of other people showing up all of the time. Plus it looks like Fluffy left her little puppy wandering around the Club; we all fed her snacks off of the bar. Beer is one of the four major food groups, right? When Mack and Case played I Love This Song! all was right with the world.

After the show I made a Miami Dolphins uber-poofer for Case and took it to post. Although not specifically instructed to, I felt it best to send a copy to Mack too. I well remember the havoc caused when Isobela and I gave Case Miami Dolphin jammies and didn't have a set for Mack as well. This means that come the start of the season I'll have to come up with something even more spectacular for the Saints.

Later Isobela and I went shopping for chairs and ended up with new clothes for me. We did a short tour of Abyss Island; it had a cool dance floor but too many life-and-limb type dangers to make it a viable venue. Across the way we did find an awesome sculpture at Tenemos Place. Life is good.

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