Sunday, August 17, 2008

Congratulations Cat, Tali and Dee!

I stopped by the Cup of Goodness Coffee Shop on Beurline Bay for a cappuccino and to flirt with Nanette. I love the coffee wench outfit she wears. After that it was off to the Alternate Metaverse Sky Sanctuary for Cat and Tali's wedding.

I had briefly considered wearing my Glam Me A Beer hat and claiming that it was stuck and I couldn't get it off, but figured Cat would be stressed enough and if she didn't kill me then Isobela would when she found out about it. We did a rehearsal beforehand, luckily I was the third of 5 groomsmen so all I had to do was follow the person in front of me. The ceremony was beautiful! I had been to formal weddings before, but never stood in the bridal party. It was easier than I thought, though afterwards pictures took forever of course.

At the reception I danced the first dance with a bridesmaid so mikki and Isobela danced together; snogging each other's necks and snorfling in each other's ears. I eventually was able to pry them apart and danced many dances with Isobela; DJ Cher was great! As was noted it is difficult to DJ for a DJs wedding! Hy was dancing with mikki, he and I traded partners for one dance and then the lovely couple cut the cake. As soon as the cake was cut Cat sat on it! Hy gave the most wonderful toast, Sláinte!!!

DJ Hy and DJ Isobela were in the DJ Spin Off again. DJ Hy had played first, so DJ Isobela caught some of his overflow crowd. He played some great rock tunes, while she did some more of her "some Humpin, Bumpin, Snog me, Shag me songs!" Bluesy Rock I guess you might call it.

While we were there we found out that it was Dee's Rez Day! Isobela and I were very upset that we hadn't realized it earlier and prepared a party for her. She did seem in good spirits, though; many good spirits. Here's wishing you a happy happy and many more, Dee!

They both did an excellent job, I'm pretty sure she has made it into the finals in a couple of weeks! The main criteria for judging the DJs is the size of the crowd they draw in. That leaves me in the position of asking people to give up their time to come and support Isobela, and I hate asking for things. It's for a very good cause, though; so I'll muddle through.

Later we stopped by the GlamShack and heard JD Arc and merry then DJ John and mikki in the GlamShack. Cool tunes. We headed over to Moxie to play On A Roll but the game table had been switched out! Isobela called Jenda who quickly came over and put On A Roll back up for us.

Isobela won the first game, me the second, her the third, me the fourth and by then it had gotten very late and we were too tired for a tiebreaker. We laugh constantly when we play that game; I love it. Life is good.

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