Monday, August 25, 2008

Congratulations Liz and JR!

This morning I did some more work on the house; I'm still not completely happy with it. Being up off of the water so far makes for spectacular sunsets, though. I bought a Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat (RHIB) to get around the property with; it's docked across the pier from the Tester.

Later on we had a GlamShack owners meeting at our new pool. Mack and Case took their Catamaran over; Hy and Tracy flew. We spent the time in secret discussions concerning the location and organization and state of mind that mikki calls "The Glammiest place on earth!"

After the meeting Mack cajoled us into taking a group picture. It took a while, but eventually we got some good shots that Mack will be hanging in the GlamShack. Some kind of way my camera got turned around backwards, here's the shot I got.

One of my taskers from the meeting was to make a new microphone stand for Mack and Case. The ones they had didn't stay lined up on them very well. I was able to make a set much better suited to their wild gyrations whilst up on stage and deliver it to them that afternoon.

They were put in to use that very evening at Nightclub Echo Echo where Friendly Fire was rocking the rocky crags to bring this Glamtastic weekend to a close. I love I Love This Song, and pulled double poofer duty. It was a fantastic show as usual, and DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt were up next for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness, but Isobela and I had to leave immediately after the show to attend a wedding!

It was Liz and JR's special day. The wedding was at the Bride's boss's place; they had set up a very nice outdoor chapel for the lucky couple. It was a beautiful, small ceremony for close friends. Afterwards there was a reception at Club Katmandu . Isobela and I stayed for hours dancing and chatting and enjoying the atmosphere. Another wonderful day.

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