Sunday, August 3, 2008

T1CH0 B07

Case had called to let me know that his Dolphin's poofer wasn't working right. How embarrassing. From his description of the problem I was able to quickly locate and fix the one out of untold thousands of inter-related parts and delivered new copies of the poofer to Case and Mack via express mail this time. I had a friend test this time when I was done with it so hopefully it will be OK.

DJ Jocelyn and Hostess Brittainy were playing at the GlamShack; it had been a while since Isobela and I had heard DJ Joce so we decided to go check out her show. It was as good as ever. The night before at the GlamShack was a major topic of conversation.

Mack had the random name picking robot that I had made and was using it to give out gifts. It actually works! As proof it is random it actually picked Mack twice in a row! She didn't take the prize, she just kept picking names until it chose another one. Case dubbed it T1CH0 B07, and said it could kick C3PO's ass all over the place!

We stayed until the end of thje show and then some; byt then it was late so we called it a night. Britt said that the theme tomorrow night at Nightclub Echo Echo would be Neko at the Echo! I'll have to search around some, but I think I have both orange and black ears and tail. It ought to be a blast!

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