Monday, October 26, 2009

'Twas the weekend before Halloween...

This morning we went shopping for stuff to wear at Parky's show; she was having a Breast Cancer fundraiser with a Fantabulous DJ. The theme was pajamas; I just wore my smiley-face boxers and a "Real Men Wear Pink" tee shirt. Isobela of course had to go shopping for new PJs, as well as curlers for her hair. A good look for Halloween....

After getting our costumes ready we had a chance to catch half of Charles Coleman’s show at Blissfully Nude Beach. That's the same "Beach" that Mack and Case played at a few weeks ago; great venue. Isobela had heard Charles before but I hadn't; he is very good.

We got to Parky's a little early to set up, pretty easy actually since it was for charity and all tips were going there. Blissie had the giant Breast Cancer fundraiser tip jar set up. Everyone except Parky thought it looked like a giant breast. DJ Isobela play a great mix of "songs that you used to sing along to", and we did! It was different than the usual Celtic/Blues fare she plays there, but I thought it grand.

From there we went to NightClub Echo Echo to check on Case, who was doing a solo show. Doing it quite well I might add. Mack had gone to the Dolphins game, and the silly girl had actually wagered against the Saints! My Saints ended up winning 46-34 after falling behind by three touchdowns in the first half; it was quite a game! Now I just need to find the LM to the "Official Saints Apparel" shop for Mack...

We listened to the first bit of Joce's show, then too off to get costumed up for the 3rd Annual Elvehjem Halloween Bash! It was at Club Neptune this year, a great venue for it. Hy was able to make the some of Heath's show before heading off to his gig at Hotlanta. Crap was there, and I saw Artiane, who's blog I have been a big fan of.

Heath played a fantastic set, not his usual but a special Halloween mix. Simply superb. It would be nice to get him back to the GlamShack, he seemed to have fun the last time he was there.

There was a costume contest too, and the winner was someone who looked like they were just a small cloud of a dozen or two miniature pumpkins! Very cool. They didn't announce it, but I'm sure Isobela must have come in second.

The show at Club Neptune was longer than usual, about an hour and a half. Afterwards Isobela and I drug our weary selves back to the GlamShack for a few games of OAR. I was able to eek out a 2-1 win. Another wonderful day.