Monday, March 31, 2008

Has Jocelyn had that talk with you yet?

Isobela and I went to take photographs for my Friendly Fire Officer's promotional picture. We had each done our own yesterday, and since hers turned out so much better than mine she agreed to help me take some more so I don't look quite as bad in comparison. What a sweetheart!

In the afternoon I was able to make Opening Day at the Savoy Jazz Club with DJ Hy and The Tracy. Isobela and I danced a while until duty called. The Savoy is a really nice place; I liked the way the bar area flowed into the dance floor. And of course DJ Hy plays excellent Jazz.

Isobela and I headed to Nightclub Echo Echo for the weekly Friendly Fire Extravaganza. We arrived early and were able to grab one of the better dancing spots for the night. I also test-fired all of my poofers to make sure they were in working order. There were a couple of people there already; they must have seen Mack and Case in the schedule and came extra-early to get a good spot so we chatted wit them.

The theme of the Friendly Fire show was what dicks SL DBAs are. They really need to grow up. During the show Moard chided me because I threw out an example of a SQL Injection statement that a SL DBA might use; he seemed kinda shocked at me for proposing this.

Mack and Case were up to their old antics of making the metaverse a better place for all of us. This time they were motivated by a comment that Joce had made at 17:48 SLT last Friday that "i am very proud of my belly button". This led to a contest, with a large cash prize to be awarded by Mack and Case, for the best picture of Joce's belly button. Judging will be next Sunday at the normal Echo Echo gig.

Being in the mood for giving out prizes, Case also announced that there will be a special prize awarded to the 500th Friendly Fire Friends group member. I checked when he said that and we were at 488. The only problem is how am I supposed to figure out who the 500th is? We get the bulk of new members during shows, but people can join on their own; and they can leave on their own. While our numbers have a steady upwards curve, on a day-to-day basis they do fluctuate. I'll do my best to pinpoint the 500th member, but there will be some measure of randomness involved.

During the show Friendly Fire played the fantastic, new-to-me song that they teased us with the night before. I hope they make it a part of their regular play list because it really is good. They had played it early in the show this time so I wasn't able to fully appreciate it; I was busy running around handing out swag bags and group invites to all of the newly-arrived fans and answering all of their questions and such. I didn't catch the title, but the chorus goes something like "Get up, stand up, dust yourself off; we're gonna do it again!"; very inspirational.

After taking a week off for rest and recuperation the DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy duo were back for another Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. This week's theme was once again Let's Talk About Sex. The chat was wild and wooly. I missed curm and his crazy comments; he would have had a field-day! Poor Joce still has the flu, but at least she wasn't coughing and cursing as bad as last night.

Afterwards Isobela and I went to Club Rage for a bit, we saw Shayla there too. It's a very nice place; I liked the atmosphere. It has a open layout for dancing, a DJ was playing good music and the people were very friendly. It was just as if a new visitor had arrived at Echo Echo or the Glamshack; the performer and hostess and a handful of the crowd all said Hi and Welcome and such. Life is good.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Joce!

This morning I was summoned to Korat by the administrator. It seems the panther girl camp was under attack by some bandits so the city guard was being beefed up just in case. I watched their pathetic attempts at combat from the city walls. Things ended when the leader of the kitties and the leader of the bandits parlayed; they probably decided they should each go off and hide in shame.

There was a record crowd in the Glamshack for DJ Jocelyn's Birthday tonight. It was her 22nd birthday yet again! Just everyone was there! Well, except for Ajay; she had a pressing engagement to attend to. The music was fantastic, she must have been playing all of her favorites. The crowd was rowdy, rambunctious and rocking out. We all had simply a marvelous time.

With so many of her admiring fans present of course DJ Jocelyn played overtime. I was able to stay through the end of the show and then some, but had to leave. Friendly fire was taking part in a special showcase at Freestar Bay featuring songwriters. Well since they write and sing all of their own Glamtastic music they were invited to sing some of their songs and talk about how and why they wrote them.

Freestar had taken out the seating and put pillows and rugs in. Since the shows were scheduled to go so late into the evening she had turned it into a pajama party! As the artists were singing Freestar went around bopping people with the pillows!

MoonDogGirl was on before Friendly Fire with the guitar and nice vocals; Pato followed with more guitar and nice vocals. It was just a half-hour show, but the crowd was really into it. Mack and Case finished with a minute or so of a song that I have never heard them sing before, one that I really liked. It was noticeably softer than their usual Glam rock; the chorus was something like "get up and do it again". I hope they have a chance to play it again soon; maybe the next time they do some half-replugged.

Afterwards Isobela and I went shopping for clothes and weapons. Daggers and short swords mostly, plus we looked at some bows. While out she told me about the songs on Elf's MySpace page. I tuned in and listened and he is pretty good; I listened to his stuff the rest of the night. Isobela constantly amazes me with all of the cool people she knows in this amazing metaverse.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friendliest Fire

Friendly Fire played at the Happy Rezzday Party for Yang Paine and Anniversary Birthday of Barbecute Barbosa this afternoon. They were the third of four scheduled acts at the Nude Art Gallery Estate IV. We all had to keep our clothes on, though. They followed the Avatar rock band, who was actually pretty good.

During the show the metaverse started hiccuping, bad. They need a grown-up database. By the end there were only Mack, myself and three of the audience left. Traffic outside was impossible, so Mack and I looked around the Gallery some and talked about the next show on Bourbon street. We were concerned that we wouldn't be able to make it thee, but we finally got through with a few minutes to spare. Case wasn't there, so we made up a contingency replacement plan.

Upon hearing of the contingency, Case said that we'll need to do something about that guitar, but other than that it's a solid plan. I also came up with the idea of having mounted Friendly Fire officers (no, not that Rosi; I mean on horses.) I tried the idea out, but it wasn't a very valid test with no audience and only one performer. Perhaps we can explore it later at another outdoor venue.

Eventually Case made it there, and a handful of other people, so Friendly Fire started an abbreviated show. They'll be going back later to do their full show when the metaverse is behaving better. They have so many good songs they never have a chance to play them all at any single show, and this abbreviated show format with their usual opening and closing songs and a few in-between was pretty cool. It was hell on the roadies who had to do all of the setup and take-down for just a few songs, but as Mack always says "That's Rock and Roll!"

Mack and Case and the regulars all left right at the end of their originally scheduled performance to head to the Glamshack where they had another show booked. I stayed around for a bit to make sure everyone got off OK and that we weren't leaving anyone or anything behind, then headed to the Shack myself.

The stress of all the troubles earlier in the day was felt in Friendly Fire's music giving it a vibrance and depth rarely seen. I'm really proud of those jokers; two hat-tricks in two days! By the time I reached the Glamshack I was exhausted and more than happy to hand over officer duties to Willa and Isobela, but Mack and Case were up on stage rocking on.

DJ Hy followed with Guitar Wars, an incredible string skirmish of the best rock twangers. The Echo Echo contingent showed up to make it a fun and funny evening; they are great. Isobela and I danced the evening away chatting, laughing and loving everyone there.

Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Fibber's

I arrived in Korat today to find that a fellow warrior had been captured by the treacherous panther girls. Another warrior, my friend Aeneas and I were to free him. As we discussed our strategies, another of the kitties approached out walls.

We too to the parapets and wounded her, but she took cover at the base of the walls where we could not fire. I called for my trusty brother of the wind, whom I named Gutripper, and flew out beyond the walls. From there Aeneas had her in a crossfire; she was soon down and captured.

I sent a messenger bird to the panther girl holding our mate captive, and the kittie agreed to an exchange. We met on a ship at the docks, and despite many attempts at treachery we were able to make the exchange and free our comrade.

My first Friendly Fire show of the day was for a Video Shoot! Mack and Case were in the Auditorium for their very own video shoot! I'm not sure of the details, Mack and Case had all these video cameras and microphones and such focused on them. They were all dressed up for the show, Mack even had her nails done!

The crowd was phenomenal! Usually on foreign soil the majority is locals, but not this time. The Glamtastic were everywhere and the show was amazing. The video and pictures are supposed to be posted at when they are done. I might remember to leave a note later when they are posted.

After the show I went to check out the new Fibbers with Rosi and my friend Justine to make sure we knew where it was for the next show. At the beginning of last season I had lost a football bet with Ajay and was to wear a Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt for an evening at Fibber's at the date and time of her choosing. I had the shirt all ready and have just been waiting for her to tell me when. Now that the old Fibber's is closed, I wonder if the bet is still valid?

I wandered around the metaverse some and happened to find an old treasure map dated Aug 4, 1754. This place is so cool. Someday I'll have to see if I can go and find that treasure; in the meantime I have it pinned to the wall of the skybox.

Friendly Fire totally rocked the new Fibber's; my favorite band in my favorite bar is always an amazing time. Spook was there! I haven't see her glamtastic self in way too long. Anutte and Emmie and many other rock and rolls fans as well. I never spend as much time at Fibber's or the Blarney Stone as I would like, every time I go there I have a blast. Dublin Rocks

My third Friendly Fire show of the day was the regular Friday-eve gig at Club Casa Blanco. They had started a little late to give themselves time to get there from Dublin; so of course they stayed extra-late. Isobela and I monopolized one area of the dance floor and had an absolutely wonderful time listening to the band and chatting with each other and everyone else in the place.

We went by the A K K Horse Ranch to look at horses. I was getting tired of borrowing them, and Isobela had wanted a friend for the horse she already had. I ended up buying a Clydesdale; as Isobela noted, since they are know for being warhorses and also pulling beer wagons I naturally named him Glam! Isobela ended up with a Blue Roan, she's leaning towards naming her Swag.

We took our new horses to a nature preserve and rode around some. We swam out to an old sailing ship and went up to a small lake in the caldera of a semi-dormant volcano; a natural hot-springs! We met a couple of people near the clubhouse there and they wanted to know where we had gotten such wonderful animals, so of course I gave them directions to the stables.

We'll need to go out exploring that place some more; it's still a work in progress but is very well done. It has the potential to rival even Pele in it's beauty! I love exploring and finding neat new places and going to Dublin and listening to Friendly Fire in all of the amazing venues they inhabit and I love just so many things about this majestic metaverse. We are truly blessed.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three and Oh!

When I went to Korat to train today I saw a panther girl running away from the city. When I went inside I found our master at arms, my friend Jacuban, had been gravely injured by Smiggles. I bound the worst of his wounds and assisted him down into the courtyard where other were able to help him fully recover.

By this time Smiggles was back in her compound. She foolishly stayed standing on the walls of her compound, and was dispatched with a few long-range arrows. Next I took out Bonifazius who was similarly peeking too far over their walls.

Their comrades aided them, and a long-range archery duel ensued. I took a few hits, but those angels of mercy isis and pearl took good care of my wounds. Things eventually quited down, and then I noticed a panther girl in the open area between our encampments.

I dispatched her with my bow, but when I went to retrieve her I was ambushed by two others. With the help of my tarn I was able to elude them and make my way back to the city, sans captive. isis and pearl again healed me, along with Lady Miyam.

Much later, Isobela and I went horseback riding in Acropolis gardens. That is an amazing place. We rode up a large mountain and discovered a secret chamber at the top. There were lava pits, cool houses for sale and we went galloping on the beaches.

We went back to Impact Area beach where Isobela dug out along the shoreline in order for there to be waves rolling in on the beach. That is a very cool thing to sit and watch. At some point a burning Tiki head had appeared outside the compound, too! Most likely dropped by celestial visitors; is has stayed smoking for quite a while.

A wonderful cap to the day was dancing at Bellagio in the Isle of Dreams. We saw Bella and Casey there, plus a few others. Waltzing and chatting for hours. Life is good.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saddle Up!

In the afternoon I went to Korat for more weapons practice. I'm getting better little by little. I chatted with Lady Miyam who told of a battle there shortly before I arrived. It's so frustrating to always miss the bloodbaths! Someday my ship full of raiders will come in.

After a wonderful steak dinner I headed over to the Beach Bum for the weekly Glamtastic Friendly Fire show. Still no Mini though; I'm really getting worried about her. Mack and Case keep getting better every time that I hear them. It's so cool to have a job that I love so much.

Everyone at Beach Bum wished me a Happy Birthday. They are such a great group of people. Alaska called while I was there to wish me a Happy Birthday too. Isobela showed up near the end of the show and the dear had saved a dance for me.

Later on Isobela and I went horseback riding in the Mengelin II areas. We had a really good time. She has her own horse, I borrowed one, and we rode all over the place. Up and down hills and mountains, swimming across rivers and streams, wandering through desert scrub. The view was breathtaking! And the scenery wasn't too bad, either!

I will likely be getting my own horse so we can go on more adventures; I have a whole list of good places to ride. I hope my tarn doesn't get jealous! And I need to spend more time on the Tester, too. I am blessed to have so many good friends and so many cool things to do. This is truly a wondrous world that we live in.

Shayla; DJ Shayla

The wedding of King of Hell Dantes & Dea Goddess Queen Mama Kidd at The Mist- Kidd Island Wedding Chapel has been postponed. She had been very ill, I hope she is all right. Isobela and I were so looking forward to going; and poor Isobela had spent literally HOURS deciding just what to wear to a royal wedding!

I went looking for places for Isobela and I to race our Benz’s and found the Mooz showcase. They let the general public race whatever vehicles they want on a Formula race track! Awesome. I did a test lap in the Benz in 34.453 seconds; it handles Beautifully! Some guy was racing a Formula car when I got there and the lap of his that I saw was 44 some seconds.

Next was sword and archery practice in Korat; sword is still difficult but doing better with archery. I'd like to try and get some practice in daily. The new construction efforts in the city are really taking shape. They have created almost an inner bailey just inside the gate; this will be very helpful in defending against raids.

Later Iso and I went shopping some; I had found some good deals on leather vests I thought she might like. Then we went to Mooz and races our Benz’s; I also rode my Intel chopper around the track some. We both need more practice. Next time we ought to take turns driving rather than each drive separately; that way the passenger will be able to give the driver helpful driving hints and/or heckle.

The DJ Shayla and Isobela show at the Glamshack was themed Shaken, not Stirred; a tribute to James Bond. I wore my Urbanity tux, the one that James copied for his movies. Isobela of course had taken this as an opportunity to go clothes shopping.

Justine was there and announced that he and Lil had tied the knot! He was so proud and happy! My friend Marissa was there early too looking as pretty as ever. Case showed up in a tux, and Mack in a formal dress! They must have been shopping too. They clean up good!

Monday, March 24, 2008

We Miss You! Get Well Soon!

In the morning I helped Iso with a special project for her hostessing job on Monday nights. They're thinking of having a special theme night in a week or two and will likely need some accessories for it. I also worked at weaponsmithing some more. That is slow work, but things are coming along.

The local Mercedes Benz dealership was having a 2 for 1 special on their C-Class so I bought a couple. I went cruising around this golf course and beach. It handles most excellently, a couple of times I almost got caught in a sand trap but was able to pull away at the last second!

Friendly Fire played their usual Sunday night gig amidst the rocky craps of Nightclub Echo Echo. Now that the Easter Bunny had come and gone, dancing to the Glamtastic tunes of Mack and Case was a great way to work off that sugar high! Their music was extra-crisp tonight; apparently that electronical wizard Case had been tweaking their stuff and it sounded noticeably better.

There was quite a cast of characters in attendance. One guy named Shaggy was obsessed with getting everyone to streak. At one point he had to step out for a bit and when he got back we all teased him that the streaking song played while he was gone and we had all gotten starkers! Poor guy was aghast and cursing up a blue streak!

The metaverses premier Rock and Roll venue was jumping high, but there was a sad note to it also because DJ Jocelyn wasn't going to be able to make it for her and The Tracy's Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. On Case's lead, we all got together on the count of 3 and sent Joce all the positive karma that we could muster to help her get well soon!

After the Friendly Fire show I went to listen to DJ Gordon at Gallery Orinoco. He is pretty good; he was playing soft rock while I was there. It was quite a change of pace from Case and Mack but very enjoyable nonetheless. The Gallery has a new exhibit, at least on the ground floor that I could see from the dance floor. It's called "Delusions of Introspection" by DL; I'll need to mention this to Isobela and see if she would like to go a-viewing.

After long and hard thought I decided to give my extra Mercedes Benz C-Class to Isobela, and when she saw it she freaked. She was like "I've always wanted one of these!" She immediately repainted it, change the hubcaps and we went for a spin around Cove Islands. We'll need to find a race course to drive them on. An extra-wide race course.

Later on we worked on projects on Impact Area beach. She worked on her compound, mostly with the drapes; I put up a Saints flag like she had asked to rival her neighbor's Redskins flag. It's right at the edge of the water, he'll have to drive under it every time he takes his boat or float-plane out. We mostly just chilled out and had a very relaxing evening. Life is good.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

He's The Man!

Friendly Fire was scheduled for four performances today; I worked the second at at Gwampa Kamp Castle in Pacific Shores. I tried to get to the first show, the one Isobela was working, but traffic was too bad; there was just no way to get there. That one was another charity gig, and I heard that Innis was matching donations so I figured it must be worthwhile cause.

Gwampa's Castle was hosting a benefit for AngelHeros charity, to help kids who haven't had the opportunities many others have had. Innis and 1792 Productions was again matching all donations made. My friend Jenda was there helping out with announcement to the Glamshack group, and I saw Mustang2 there! From what I've heard he's very big into music and charity events; he set up a benefit concert last summer to help earthquake victims in Japan.

All of you that know and love Mack and Case probably realize that their signature final song might not really be appropriate for a benefit concert for children. They had not been planning on playing it, but Innis wanted to hear it. Case the raconteur apparently proposed to Innis the they would sing that song if Innis agreed to match double contributions during that song! For every dollar donated, he would put in two!

Well Innis agreed so Friendly Fire played the song that Jocelyn calls the Duck song. There were many people there that had never been to a Friendly Fire show and absolutely loved the song. Case put out the call "Let's put Innis in the poor house!" and the guy taking donations was bowled over! At the end they gave the totals:

[14:02] Nekololi shouts: Innis owes us a donation of L$44,094
[14:04] Nekololi shouts: Wow Innis rounded up to a full 50,000
[14:07] Nekololi shouts: The total gained the past hour is L$99,094

Friendly Fire was the second to last act of the day, Mash played after them. At the end of the hour the venue had raised approximately 170 some thousand so far that day. There are nine artists scheduled for Sunday; starting at noon for an hour each are Mykal Skal, Eliz Watanabe, The Schumanns, Freestar Tammas, Fable Sinatra, Jace Collins, Ande Foggarty, Edward Lowell and Maximillian Kleene.

Later int he Day Chey had invited me to go and see her new island of Whimsey. Most of the terraforming is done; she has done alot of work already and it's looking real good. There was an alligator there, and he was looking pretty hungry, but luckily someone else called him a crocodile. This offended his sensibilities and he took off after them instead of me. They had a blimpquito, a cool vehicle that is kinda like a pedal-powered personal blimp. so they were able to fly up and out of danger.

I took out my Ultralight and Cheyenne and I took off before the gator could get us. It wasn't the most ideal takeoff area, and the first half-minute or so of flight was very harrowing; but we eventually made it and took a nice aerial tour of the island. Pele is back in her volcano, and the temple to worship and throw offerings to her is in place. This place is going to be so cool.

I missed the third Friendly Fire show of the day, but did make it to the Money Island Live Music venue for most of the show. That is a huge place; when I arrived I saw many masses of people at different places, I wasn't sure which one Friendly Fire was playing at until I saw Mack's poofer go off! The sound system on that stage wasn't up to Mack and Case, but of course they were still Glamtastic!

Bearegard played after Friendly Fire; the Money Island Live Music venue was hosting 48 hours straight live music; their previous record was 32. What an amazing weekend for music! I was tuckered out though, so I went back home and played with knives some.

Mack set up a conference call with Isobela and I to ask us to come help them out; they were going to go for a record-setting 5th show that evening! The regular show at the Glamshack was canceled so Mack and Case stepped up to the plate once again! Of course Iso and I headed right over.

Friendly Fire played a special half-plugged show tonight! Or, half-unplugged depending on your point of view. In any case, it wasn't their usual tunes but still fantastic, high-energy Rock and Roll! It was also a very special occasion, Padula's birthday! The place was filled with well-wishers, even the tip jar was wishing Padula a Happy Birthday!

Case and Mack were pretty frazzled and worn down at the end of their fifth show, so many of us took the opportunity to kick them while they were down; but all in good fun. Man of the year Innis asked "Is this so we all really, really appreciate joce next week?"

Friday, March 21, 2008

You Rock!

I spent this morning and most of today in and around Korat. I had decided to try my hand at being a weaponsmith; I wanted a certain type of sword, a gladius iberius or Roman short sword, but hadn't seen any for sale that were just what I wanted. I made many quick trips to various stores to get parts and learned the basics of sword-making. I also learned that a short sword would probably not be best for the types of combat I'll likely encounter here, so I'll just keep the weapons I have now and possibly try and make a crossbow.

I also looked into the problems that I was having the previous day with my Katana and Scorpion Bow, and think that I have figured them out. They worked in a test environment, but before I went into battle with them I wanted to test them out "live". I talked somebody into helping me out with this; my weapons worked fine and luckily he's a troll so those limbs will regenerate.

Ajay had asked if I could work at the Glamshack tonight for the Friendly Fire show, and since I was planning to be there anyway I said sure. I met up with Isobela and we went over together. I walked in the door and stretched from one side to the other was a huge sign that said "Happy Birthday Tycho"!

Now as my birthday isn't for four days, this came as quite a surprise. Quite a wonderful surprise; come Sunday I was planning on getting real inquisitive so as not to be surprised by anyone, but they got me good.

Isobela and the usual cast of characters all conspired against me. Brooke supplied the decor and The Tracy did the decorating. Mack helped out with sending invitations. Case stored up all the karmic energy generated by the hubbub going on about him.

During the Friendly Fire show Case made up stories about me and told everyone. Well, not exactly stories, but mis-quotes and things taken out of context. For example, I did not say that I would stick his microphone up his ass; I said "Based on a scientific poll of a random sampling of your officers, I have come up with an even better place to locate your microphone!"

They told me I wasn't supposed to be working and we had four other officers there, but it's almost like a reflex to turn and say hi to people when they arrive; I couldn't help it. Of course Case and Mack sang happy birthday to me midway through the show. Case finished with "Happy Birthday Sir Tycho! You, are a gentleman and a scholar." I was slightly embarrassed.

After Friendly Fire DJ Hy took the stage assisted by the lovely and talented The Tracy. Isobela had pumped me for a list of my favorite songs and passed it onto him, so about the first hour was simply incredible music! Well, at least I thought so. Mack and Case stayed on through the wee hours laughing and joking and being their usual lives of the party.

One thing that really surprised me was the number of gifts that people gave me. It was totally unexpected. Thank you Adrian and Shayla and Rosie and Tracy and Koni and Nef and Robin and Eeyore and I'm sure I'm missing too many of you wonderful people. I had a simply a marvelous time. Thank you so much!

AK was there is her hottest librarian in the metaverse getup. Tiger even stopped by all the way from Korat; thankfully he didn't come in full regalia else those faint of heart in the Shack would have dropped dead away. It was the first time I remember seeing Argus at the Glamshack. Gussie sent me hugs over IM, curm and Raven called to wish me well too.

I've never had a better night in the metaverse. Once or twice at Fibber's might have come close; but there has never been anything better than this wonderful gift that fair damsel Isobela gave me. Darling, you rock.

Tal, Warrior

I spent some more time in Korat this afternoon at the request of Lady Miyam. Tiger was there, he is First Sword of the city. He invited me to spar with him, so of course I accepted even though my only previous experience in the metaverse was with target dummies. The first round of sparring was a bust; apparently my Katana and Scorpion Bow were not registering hits on the sparring system scoreboard. Tiger graciously gave me a sword and bow that he had made and we sparred a few more rounds.

I did fairly well; there was a learning curve at first of course but I ended up winning 7 of 16 rounds, including last 4. Lady Miyam was leaning on me hard to join the city and add to their ranks of warriors, and eventually I did.

Later on Friendly Fire was playing their weekly Glamtastic gig at Club Casa Blanco. It was Willa's first scheduled officer appearance, under the able tutelage of Isobela and Dee. Ajay showed up to help too, and I made it in for the last few songs.

Isobela was considering joining Korat City also, but was unsure of what job she would like. We went to the city to look around and talk to folks. My friend Rein asked me to spar with him, and I won 2 out of 3 with bows. I think I'm better with melee weapons, though.

Isobela decided to join the city as an understudy to Miyam as a Mystic. After sparring with Rein the four of us spoke for a while, then I called my tarn and flew around the area for a bit.

While we were there I received notice that Dea Goddess Queen Mama was getting married next Monday at 5! The lucky guy is King of Hell Dantes. The wedding will be at The Mist - Kidd Island Wedding Chapel with reception to follow in the Grand ballroom. This will likely be quite an event; I sure hope Isobela and I have a chance to attend. A Royal Wedding! Woot!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bushy Beards for All!

Friendly Fire was playing at The Bushy Beard Pub in Bruges. The Rails played immediately before them, and a DJ was scheduled after. I went there a little early to hear the Rails; Mack and Case have talked about them before but I don't recall ever hearing them. They were pretty good.

Of course I like Friendly Fire much better. Mack had me working not only as group officer but also as a roadie, setting up amps and microphones and such. The show was Glamtastic! It had been a while since I had been to The Bushy Beard and I hardly recognized anyone there. Rosie had stopped by and sat at the bar in the back; Rosi, Ajay and Willa, the Pub's hostess and one person on the dance floor and that was it. With as crowded as it was I'd expect to recognize more people.

Rosi and Ajay were really going after each other; I feel another mudpit showdown coming on! After the show, and after dinner, Isobela and I met with certain individuals in an undisclosed location once again. Isobela's project is gonna be cool; we met for almost 2 hours. Plans are in progress. The co-conspirators are meeting again next week. Stay tuned.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Glamtastic, The Wiley, The Willa!

On my daily tour today I stopped by Club Casa Blanco and noticed some construction work. It looks like they're doing some redesign; adding a second stage outside. This is probably for evening concerts in the nice summer weather. Coolness.

I added a runway to the skybox for my ultralight. I have it turn invisible when not in use so as not to be an eyesore. It works well. At least it works well for takeoffs, I need more practice with the landings. Good thing the skybox is armored!

Later I heded over to Shore Babes and the Beach Bum for the Coronation of The Glamtastic, The Wiley, The Willa! All the officers that were present were on Ajay's Death Chim; this was quite an awesome sight! Fluffy and Shagpile stopped in, but no Minni; she must not be feeling well still. In between fantastic sets Case told us that next week at the Beach Bum they will be debuting another new Friendly Fire song! Isobela was able to make it for the end of the show when all of us officers were up on stage with the new honoree.

After the show Isobela and I hung out in the Impact Area for a while making prims and plans. Jer and Rainey stopped by; there was no gunfire oddly enough. Jer has a new Job! Woot! He also gave me a couple of missiles to try out, and I showed him my cannon that I had set up at TNW East Residences; I got in shot myself from Impact Area beach to the far side of his property!

After they had left to go play in his volcano Isobela and I moved the dock back and are working on making a pool. We'll likely be spending alot of time working on things in the Impact Area for the next few days. Great Fun!

On a sad note, we received word that Jhonan's Club Eclecticality will be closing. Financial concerns are the main reason. He had a really fun place, I had a blast every time I went there. But, like Club Therapy, it's very hard to make it as just a club alone. Thank you, Jhonan, for sharing all the fun with us that you could, while you could. You've made this world a better place.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

We're thinking about calling the beach the Impact Area. It's right next to Jer's property, and he and Isobela are constantly playing with guns and bombs and knives and such. It's a good thing that target dummies don't bleed, because if they did we'd have to call the whole area the Red Sea.

In any case, last night the radio on the beach was malfunctioning, putting out these horrid noises. I think Isobela called it trance music. Eventually she, too, got tired of it but was unable to turn it off. I said I knew how to turn it off, walked up to it and put a full clip from my MAC 10 into it. Unbelievably, the thing was still playing!

Right then Jer and his friends showed up. Jer asked if I was shooting at him, because we often do that to each other; but I said that no, I was trying to turn the radio off. When they left, as a friendly parting gesture he shot a high-explosive rocket right as Isobela and my feet that threw us against the cliff face a few properties over. He is such a card!

Then it looked like he was going out to turn around and make another run at us. I had a few seconds to get ready, so I was deciding between pulling out some heavy artillery, calling my tarn back and going after them on him, getting out my bow for the comedy factor, or getting on my flying skateboard of death that I used to take him down last time.

While I was thinking about this, Isobela had put on this huge backpack thing with cannon muzzles poking out over each shoulder and an integrated helmet with an infrared targeting sight and was using it to put up a wall of lead in front of Jer. He left in a hurry. (Note to self: don't get Isobela pissed off at you!) Anyway, Impact Area seems like a good name.

This afternoon Friendly Fire was playing a special show at their usual Thursday-night party spot Club Casa Blanco, and then they would have another show late in the evening. When I got home and checked my mail I found out that they had already played a gig that day! There were a few notices From Isobela about the show at the Glamshack. Next year I'll need to remember to stay home from work on St. Patrick’s day; it's one big party around here!

Club Casa Blanco was done over with a totally Irish theme; the walls and ceiling were covered in four-leaf clovers and during the show there was a gentle rain of them falling off onto us. Case had modified a traditional St. Patrick’s Day greeting into “Erin go braless." Plus of course Case and Mack sang Danny Boy. He's getting better and better at it! Mack and Case had to leave shortly after the show; she had a Shepard's Pie in the oven.

Later I stopped by the Glamshack for a bit of the DJ Shayla and Isobela show, then it was off to Tudy's to work. Friendly Fire's third show of the day was at Tudy's Live Entertainment Music Club. Sylkar was on before Friendly Fire singing and playing guitar; he is very good!

Skylar and many of his fans stayed on to listen to Mack and Case. They helped make it a very busy night for me, but Willa stopped in to help me out bless her heart. x5daddie stopped by too, it had been a long time and it was good to see him.

In keeping with the four-leaf clover theme of the day Friendly Fire was Shamtastic! And of course Mack and Case sang Danny Boy just before midnight SFT (South Florida Time). Therese followed Mack and Case, singing and playing piano. I couldn't stay for long, though. It was very late and I get up early for work. Life is good.

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Moving Day

I moved out of Pele today, very sad. I filed a change of address form to Topside, Isobela's Beach. We need a better name for the beach, it's a cool place and Iso is working to make it even better.

The Skybox was finally finished; well I'll probably be constantly tweaking it but it's good enough now to be a cool place to come back to. My next project for it might be a retractable landing pad that fits underneath that I could use for my Ultralight.

There was all sorts of stuff going on in Dublin being that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day. I tried to get to Fibbers but the streets were jammed full; they weren't letting anyone else in, even Me! When I finally got through using back streets I arrived only to find a sign saying that Fibber's moved!

I was able to find the new place, but it was deserted. I was a little disappointed at first; it seemed such a nice, clean, well-run establishment. Nothing at all like the old Fibber's! But then I saw a stairway heading down, and down there was a small room with a stage, a few tables and an impossibly-small dance area. It has potential.

Up the street was the Saint Patrick's Day Parade so I went to check it out. They had thoughtfully set up some bleachers for us. Cher and Ham were up on this stage, and Cher was doing an excellent job emceeing the whole thing. Ajay was there, and Robt rode his bike over to see the parade; smart move!

I didn't stay too long in Dublin, I wanted to give others a chance to see the sights too. I had been thinking about buying a tarn, but have been so busy with building and moving and officering and such I didn't have a chance. I finally found the place I had seen them at a while back, and picked out the one I wanted. Usually the purchase process is pretty automated, but this vendor was broken, so I called the manufacturer. He came over right away and fixed it, and I helped him test his fix by buying my very own tarn!

I went straight over to Isobela's beach and we flew around a bit, but the airspace was pretty crowded with skyboxes and all. I took him out to Betty Page beach and we flew around all over the place there. I noticed that Trudeau Yachts had moved to a bigger location, so we went and checked their new store out, too.

Later there was a treasure hunt advertised on this neat little island called Thassa. I went and found a couple of good cloaks, but most of the stuff there was for the ladies. I did find some nice little out-of-the-way places that would be good for slow dancing.

I lost track of time while exploring Thassa and the next thing I know I get a Friendly Fire group notice from Isobela about the upcoming show at Nightclub Echo Echo - The Metaverse's Premier Rock Club where the Who's Who gather. Thank you Isobela for having my back, and you do the absolute best notices!

The theme for Friendly Fire was Saint Patrick's Day Eve, and to glam beer; but then their theme is always to glam beer. The place was packed! There were lots of new people looking for a way to end their evening after watching parades all day. Case tried to sing Danny Boy, and his drinking song; then at the end DJ Jocelyn was having some technical difficulties so Case blessed us with another rendition of Danny Boy!

Especially good news today is that my friend Willa was nominated to be the next Friendly Fire officer! Her coronation is scheduled for Tuesday, at the Beach Bum, so I'll have to get the cleaner's to do a rush-job on my Friendly Fire Officer's regalia. Things have been kinda hectic lately; not anywhere near burnout stage but another helping hand will sure be appreciated.

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy held a fantastic Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness show. The theme was western rock, or something like that; anyway Joce and Tracy wore these cowboy outfits. I was wearing a green suit and didn't really want to change out of it, and then I remembered I had a green cowboy hat left over from Christmas. I was able to dress for both St. Patrick's Day and the western theme!

While I was there Rosie and Argus helped me with a problem I had been having with the Journey group; mainly it was that I was in the wrong one. The group I had somehow ended up in was more for administrators and such so they didn't have the show notices going to it. Hopefully I'll start getting more Journey Island notices now cause it's an amazing place and I'd like to go there more often.

Towards the end of Mayhem and Madness DJ Jocelyn played Starship - We Built This City which I had requested for my tarn, who was hovering outside. Hmm, gonna have to give him a name too. Maybe call him "curmudgeon"? Oops, nope; that name is already taken by some other cool guy. I'll have to ponder this.

Mack and Case were even dancing together! I don't think I've ever seen that before. I mentioned it to Isobela and she figured Mack must be getting lucky tonight! After the show everyone left fairly quickly, Isobela and I closed the place down again.

We went back to the her beach and took the tarn for a short ride around many of the Cove islands. When we got back to her beach Jer stopped by with a couple of his friends in this aircraft-type thing. He wanted me to go flying on my tarn with them but it had gotten very late, so I had to decline. Isobela and I said our goodbyes and I headed back to the skybox; another long, beautiful, wondrous day in the metaverse.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye Dragon Skybar!

This morning Isobela and I met with Mack and Case in a undisclosed location to discuss a secret project. Details will be forthcoming shortly; suffice it to say that we'll be having the time of our lives on the longest day of the year; at least in the Northern hemisphere of the metaverse.

I made a quick trip to Aloha Dreams where Missti is entered in the BMC Model Contest. I don't know Missti, but she's in one of the beach groups that I belong to and she asked us all to go vote for her, so of course I did. I found her picture on the right wall and voted.

Afterwards I went to the new Irish Art Park in Dublin. DJ Danton and Eria were putting on a show, and guess who else was there? Isobela was wearing this fantastic green dress and I wore my new kilt. Everyone there was in green, it was so cool. Smitty and Brighton were in kilts too.

After while I went back to Isobela's beach and started working on my own beer keg. I've long had a fantastic one from Neferon's shop, but I want something that I can put logos and other pictures on. I've got a first draft done, and it gives nice cold beer, but I'll need to work on it some more later

Friendly Fire played at Poetry in Pixels again for their six-month anniversary. Mack and Case were their usual Glamtastic selves. One crazed fan ran up on stage and tackled Case and they fell off the front of the thing! Nobody was hurt, and Case just laughed it off. We all had a blast on the beach.

Costa Rica's First Art Festival in their new shopping district. There were some spectacular works; Isobela took the name of one particular artist to lookup later. According to Iso, "these people are frikkin awesome!"

We went back to the beach and I asked for Isobela's advice about my keg. As usual, she had all of the answers. It's looking much better now.

At 5 we went to the Dragon Skybar for the Goodbye Pele party. Chey and many of her friends were there, it was cool meeting so many different people. At the end of the party Chey had us move to a separate sky platform to watch her blow up the Skybar. Chey even provided Champagne for us!

It was so sad, and many of the ladies cried. Yet it marks a new beginning for Cheyenne, too. She'll have her own island, called Whimsy, for not much more than she was paying for something half that size. And even better she'll own it and not have all sorts of crazy zoning restrictions or crazy neighbors moving in. I'm really looking forward to visiting once she has it set up.

Isobela was able to wrangle us an invitation to Trent and Mina's Virtual Light Studio bash, held on the VLS Studio Lot. We met all sorts of cool people; many club owners and other big wheels. They had an awesome fireworks and light show going for most of the night.

Later we went to the Glamshack to see the DJ Jocelyn and Jenda show. Everyone was dressed for St. Patrick's day, and Rosie's and Missy's getups were totally awesome! Later, Iso and Mack changed into matching tops! Fantabulous!

I had problems there, though; my dance bracelet and poofers weren't working. I think maybe there is some type of electrical interference, or they changed something there, but it's very frustrating to have your stuff not work when you go to certain clubs.

The bash at VLS was cool; Isobela has often taken me to parties she's invited to where I meet the coolest people in SL. It was nice to be able to take her to a party that I was invited to, and have cool people there to talk to. And being able to watch stuff blow up at the end made it even better!

Congratulation Midnight and Tintichief!

I looked at tarns, and will probably be getting a war tarn from the shop near Castle Sublime. I hung out at Mack's store most of the day. She not only sings fantastic, her store's radio plays fantastic music as well!

Midnight and Tintichief got married at the Grotto this afternoon, but I wasn't able to make it. I was able to stop by beforehand as they were setting up and wish them well. I'm sure it was an awesome ceremony, I sure wish I could have been there to see it!

DJ Hy was playing at the Glamshack with his hostess The Tracy; finally back from vacation. He was doing a show on great guitarists, rather an easy theme to pick songs for! Isobela and I danced through the night and closed the Glamshack down yet again. We are truly blessed.

Friday, March 14, 2008

The Jig

I had gotten a call from MarcelezaG50 that he had moved his art gallery in Kumarajiva into a sky box so I went to check it out. It seems he has most of the artwork from the first time I visited, but being in the skybox, without a bunch of background clutter, made for a much nicer viewing.

My own skybox needed redecorating so I worked on that some. I replaced all of the masonry with some old bronze panels and laid new flooring everywhere. I'm still having problems but the new floor tiles helped a little.

I went over to Isobela's beach where she and Jer were chatting. She had extended her dock some and I helped put a diving platform on it. Jer and I took turns diving from it, then I brought the Tester around and we took turns diving from her. He seemed fairly impressed by my schooner; Isobela had told him that she had bought me a 'boat' but he had no idea it was such a magnificent tall ship.

Isobela had to leave for work so Jer and I went over to his Volcano and explored the caverns in it's base. There is one large room where he has put a bar, couch and even a trampoline!

Friendly Fire played their usual Friday Eve gig at Casa Blanco. I showed up early and danced the Jig up on the bar with Fluffy and Kiely!

Mack and Case played all three of their new song, plus many old favorites. Case sang his Uncle's Irish Drinking song, and he tried to sing Danny Boy too. I was lucky enough to get a spot on Isobela's dance card!

After the Glamtastic show Isobela and I went window shopping for clothes and islands. We met a nice new neighbor of hers that had just bought an island of her own. Then we went to the skybox so I could show her the problem I was having with the floor tiles and walls.

At first we thought the sky box might be haunted, but then Isobela remembered seeing something like this before. She passed on a hint from master builder Adrian and it worked like a charm! I'll be moving in this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Rez Day Mysty!

This afternoon I went back to skybox place and looked at them again. I'm still undecided about buying one, I may just try redecorating the current place. I did buy some cool new shades though.

Later that evening Friendly Fire was playing for the Glamtastic Mysty Oh's Rez-Day Bash! Her party has been going on all day since BEARintheMorning kicked it off at 6am. Isobela was able to get to Stream to help me with officering the show.

Of course Case sang Happy Rez Day to Mysty with his own special brand of lyrics. Mack was wearing a very colorful party dress. I was kinda unfair to Case yesterday referring to his wardrobe as rags; he was wearing the same type of clothes he always does, I guess they are best described as Case-clothes.

Friendly Fire played all three of their newer songs to great acclaim. BEARintheMorning was there, too. It's been too long since I've seen him; maybe I can catch his show this Friday. Komuso played next; an excellent Blues guitarist so we stayed and listened to him for a bit. Afterwards we went to see Digby at the Lakeville Point Mall and ran into Dolomite there. Digby plays some awesome music and is a truly nice guy. We caught a little bit of Vladamir's show after Digby.

Towards the end of the evening we visited Promise's store in Technocity. I had heard her talk about the place before, but oddly enough neither Isobela nor I had ever been there. Promise has some cool paintings for sale, including one very cool one of three mermaids. An awesome place. Afterwards we visited some of the other shops in the area, and then said our goodbyes. Another Glamtastic day in the metaverse.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

County Westmeath Tartan

I did some more work on the skybox today. It's a cool place, but needs help with it's appearance. I took out those funky, space-wasting ramps I had and put in teleport buttons. I did the fancy ones that teleport you relative to where it is, not to a specific latitude and longitude. That way if we ever decide to move the skybox the teleporters will still work correctly.

I also did some masonry work in the basement; the walls look a little better there and I'll probably make the same changes to the outside but long-term I really need to work on the visuals. During a break I sat and played on my Sit and Spin; that thing is a blast!

Tuesday means the Beach Bum. Friendly Fire is back in town. Life is good. Life is especially good when Mack sings a brand-spanking new Friendly Fire song at their new-music venue! She debuted "Paris", about everyone's favorite heiress! Mack also wore her Hello Kitty jammies, I guess she didn't want to feel left out; Case was back in his normal rags. Missy and Niky stopped by, but no Minni yet again.

After the show Isobela too me to the Tartan Shop where she had special-ordered a Full dress County Westmeath Tartan kilt for me! It was ready to be picked up so we grabbed it and headed back to the skybox for me to try it on. It looks totally awesome. Fantabulous even. It is so cool to have my own clothes that no one else in the Metaverse has. I mean besides those t-shirts I made that no one else in the Metaverse would want.

Iso got dressed up too and we went out on the town. Well, we went out; since our jobs involve listening to the best band in the hottest clubs anywhere "going out on the town" is relative. I had seen a place that was offering dance lessons so we went to check them out; we decided against them, though. Isobela knew of a place that had some fancy skyboxes for sale to we headed over there. They have some truly awesome models and I picked up many good ideas for fixing up ours.

The last stop of the night was at the shooting range at TalTECH. Isobela has often gone shooting on her friend Jer's property but she hadn't been to a range like this. We each took turns at the 25 meter pistol range, me using the Glocks that Isobela had bought me and her these pistols that had a cool laser sight.

Next we attacked the target dummies; she kept her pistols and I used my Glocks, katana, bow, shotgun, assault rifle and the Gauss rifle that came with my space armor. It’s a good thing those dummies have that automatic reset feature!

By then it had gotten late and I needed to head for the barn. We said our goodbyes and I headed out; she likely stayed there longer pulverizing those poor dummies. The more I think about those skyboxes we saw the more I like them. I feel a total redesign coming on. I may go back and buy a small one and use it for parts. But first, I must plan.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

All-Glam Rock Show

This afternoon I built a patio awning for the skybox, it turned out fairly well. I really enjoy projects like that. I took my time and lined everything all up exactly before I fastened it together. I even painted everything and set out some furniture underneath it.

My work on the patio awning project was interrupted by a notice from Ajay that Case was cross-dressing again. I made a quick trip over to the Glamshack to check him out. This time he was wearing pink Hello Kitty pajamas and cute pink fuzzy bunny slippers.

This evening DJ Shayla was holding a Special All-Glam Rock Show at the Glamshack! Once again Shayla was assisted by hostess the lovely and talented Isobela. My friend Dolomite was there and Mack showed up for the second half.

DJ Shayla's shows just keep getting better and better. She talked about a Queen-themed night next week, so it's time to start thinking about a costume now. A couple of idea that people in the audience threw out were a Tiara and white latex? Hmmm.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


I went back to Korat City this morning and met a lady whose city had been destroyed. she was looking for a new one. She is a scribe but was in training to be a physician, I think she'll likely stay here. I met another warrior of the city, Fly, and a panther girl that wanted to get into the city.

I went back to the skybox to work on it some more. It's mostly populated with stuff now and the basement is filled. I went and bought a new hot tub but was having problems with the controls. I talked with the manufacturer, all his floor models have same problem, but he said it was supposed to do that. Not a problem, though; I can fix it myself.

Later I went to the target range at TalTECH Weapons and practiced with my katana, bow, spear and whip. Don't much care for the spear or whip; seems like they would have special applications. The sword was good, and the bow of course. After I was through shredding a few target dummies I couldn't resist pulling out the fabulous MP-5-N sub-machine gun that Isobela had bought be and blowing away a few more.

The afternoon was spent made some accessories for the skybox. I saw this super on/off thing before and decided to make my own. It will make it easier to keep the place clean and presentable and help reduce clutter! The entire metaverse was in gridlock, so it was a very frustrating time making a fairly simple object.

Sunday night and for the first time in way too long we had Friendly Fire opening for DJ Jocelyn at Nightclub Echo Echo. I got there early and put the scrolling "Welcome Back", "Mack and Case", "We Lobe You!" sign that Isobela made above the doorway. They talked about it during the show; cool.

The second song that Friendly Fire played was the new Go GO, and they started the last third of their show with the other new one, Looking for a Party. At least I think those are the names of the shows; Ajay may have been trying to correct me but the crowd noise in that place was incredible!

And I have to congratualte mack, she bought the Poofer Triggering Quick Study guide and was able to trigger her poofer all by herself! Case was mumbling something about having the first annual Mr. Glamtastic pagent here next weekend; stay tuned.

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn featured a special guest hostess, Jenda! The air was filled with Jocelyn's Rock and pure Jendaliciousness! Joce started off the show strong with the Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get it Started and just contuinued to rock out. Rosie led us in an awesome line dance for most of the show!

Isobela and I closed the place down. Listening to the conversations during shows is really entertaining and enlightening. There is such an eclectic mix of people, and everyone is laughing and joking and having a good time. It's like we're one big, happy family. I wish the rest of the universe could experience and understand that.

Splashing in Freestar Bay

This morning I stopped by the Jocelyn's Cove: The Hangout to hear DJ Taliesin. He is very good just like all of the hangout DJs; he played a mix of the decades. All of the regulat cool cats were there; it was a very enjoyable time.

Later Iso dragged me by the ear shopping with her. She wanted to buy soime clothes for me to, but I already have 3 shirts. She ended up with about two weeks worth of clothes for herself; or about enough to clothe a medium-sized village in a third-world country for 6 years. She finally did end up getting an outfit for me, a nice grey/white/black pants/shirt/vest/jacket combination thing.

Afterwards we worked on a skybox for her beachfront property. The initial design didn't work out, but I came up with a decent one I think; a platform with a small house on it. I'll put a nice hot tub atop the house, it has a spectacular view. Still working on the rest of it, though. Oh, and there a, um, basement; for, ah, storing things.

We headed over to the Glamshack to listed to DJ Jocelyn ably assisted by her hostess Jenda. They had a beach theme, so I wore my Molson trunks and went barefoot. Mack and Case were there along with a cast of thousands. The music was great, but we couldn't stay long because Friendly Fire had a gig to get ready for.

They were playing at Freestar Bay's Saturday Night Musician's Showcase. The Showcase features 10 short performances each Saturday night by the best of SL'd musicians. It's a very popular event, and there was horrible traffic problems. Case and Isobela seemed to make it OK, but Mack and I each had problems getting there.

It's a good thing we all got started early because the act before Friendly Fire was having technical difficulties so they gave up the stage to Friendly Fire early; we were blessed with 45 minutes of Glamtastic rock instead of the scheduled 30!

The place was packed. It was almost all people I hadn't seen before; I sure many Friendly Fire Friends were trying to get in but the traffic problems were keeping them away. I was insanely busy handing out swag bags and group invites. As soon as someone left two more took their place!

Thankfully the show was short, I'm not sure I could have made it through a regular one. Mack and Case ended the show with the song Glam Me A Beer. And boy, did I need one!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Shack, Again

When I got home from work today there was a party invitation from Cheyenne for a bash on the 15th to celebrate the closing of the Pele grounds and her new island. At the end of the evening she will blow up the Dragon Sky Bar with all of the guests watching from a (hopefully) safe distance.

The invitation itself was pretty cool; well of course since Cheyenne did it. There was a large picture of Mt. Pele with the words "Aloha, Pele!"and the details written below it. The really cool thing was that the picture was taken from my balcony; the chairs that Isobela had made for me were prominent in the foreground!

After sorting through the rest of my mail I saw that I had missed a Friendly Fire show at the Glamshack. In talking with Isobela about it later she said that she and Ajay had Officered and that it was a smashing success as always. I sure hope they get their schedule sorted out soon.

I took a quick shower and headed out to hear DJ Hy at the Glamshack. He was doing a fantastic special on Clapton and Windwood. Oddly enough there wasn't a hostess apparent; I asked one person about it and they said it was another person, but when I asked them about it they said it was the first person. I decided that I would just keep out of it.

As Isobela and I were dancing I noticed Alaska walking through the door. Two days in a row, Woot! Of course she was in a different one of her many disguises. We chatted some more and I found out a startling fact. You may not believe this, I didn't at first; but she has never seen a Friendly Fire show! We made a firm pact to get her to see one soonest.

Alaska had actually come to the Glamshack to see Hy and wish him a belated Happy Birthday. She danced for a while but wasn't able to stay until the end like Isobela and I. We closed the place down, again. Life is good.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

They're BAACCCKKKK!!!!!!

I went back to check out Korat City again, this time better dressed for the surroundings. My friend Tiger, the First Sword of the city, told me more about the place and what they were looking for in recruits. He answered some of my questions and gave me an application for citizenship. I need to think about it a little more, but in all likelihood will apply.

Later on I stopped by the Glamshack to listen to DJ Bill play for Hy and Adrian's birthday party, and who should I see but Mack and Case! Friendly Fire has returned! It's true! I saw them with my own two peepers! Hostess Ajay pointed me to Jenda who had made some awesome Happy Birthday Adrian and Hy top-hats with sparklers on them! Everyone had the hats on and were rocking out!

A little wile later my dear friend Alaska showed up at the Glamshack! She's another fan of Hy's, and came to wish him Happy Birthday but he had just left. So she and I caught each other up on what we had been doing and such and had a grand chat.

Neither of could stay until the end of DJ Bill's show, so we said our so longs and each headed out. Mack and Case had left a little earlier to head over to Club Casa Blanco to start getting ready for their show, so I headed over there too. Due to their surprise return there were no officer's assigned; Ajay was hostessing and Isobela hadn't gotten home from work yet so I figured I'd do it.

Dee was already at Casa Blanco when I arrived, I tried to get over to him and ask if he was going to send out a notice but I couldn't get through to him, so I sent out the group notice myself. As soon as I did the group chat channel lit up like a Christmas tree! It was so cool. I sent out directions in the chat channel too and even offered limo rides to the Unprecedented Return of Friendly Fire!

Isobela had gotten home and hurried over to the show. As soon as I heard the sweet, sweet string of Radio Show I took out the rotating text billboard thing that Isobela and I had worked on. It sat on my shoulders and used red lasers to project in the air over my head in a 5 by 10 meter spare sequentially "Welcome back", "Mack and Case", We Lobe You!"

Mack and Case had prepared two new songs while they were gone; "Go Go", a song about their precious saber-tooth kitty, and "Looking for the Party!" Of course they played most of their other hits and went well past their allotted time. Case and Mack sang Happy Birthday to Hy when he stopped by, and the last song of the night was dedicated to Earthlink DSL!

With all the hooting and hollering I'll be deaf for months; even so it was so good to hear them again. Everyone agreed. What a perfect night! Oh, and while Friendly Fire took a two-week break? Guess who forgot how to trigger her poofer?


When I got home today there was a rainstorm over Pele! I've never seen any type of inclement weather there before. There are stories of it snowing once, and I've seen pictures of that, but this was so odd. I was going to put on my bathing suit and go dancing around in it, but the lightning was getting a little too close.

Brooke has done some redecorating in her store, Fairplay Designs & Art. There a walkway up to a new second level just for greeting cards, and the furniture and stuff that used to be on the second floor moved up to a new third floor. It's good to see successful merchants; and I bet she kept her Vote box in the exact same spot just for me!

After finishing my daily rounds, including my new stop in the Land of Palaces, I went back home to practice with some of the weapons that the weaponsmith gave me. I had played around with them some, but I needed to become much more familiar with their range and speed. I used some old furniture as targets; it's pretty much splinters now. I wonder if the target dummies Isobela and I had blown away with the guns would be useful for this? Oh, and I worked on a secret move: swinging while jumping over someone head.

When Isobela got home I went over to her place. We talked about Korat City some more; I showed her my weapon moves and she showed me some dresses that she had bought that should be appropriate for wear there. We’ll probably stop by there as visitors soon.

After while we talked about what to do with the rest of the evening. Ajay and DJ Gwen were at Fibber's, and it's been too long since we were there, but Isobela expressed an interest in visiting art galleries so I suggested one we had been to before a while back.

The Gallery Orinoco had the same exhibit as the last time that we visited; maybe they added a few new items. It was still fun to wander around and chat about nonsense. They still don't have any red head photos, though.

Finally Isobela gets around to telling me that her Art Group was having an exhibition at Brooks Wharf, Pier 5, in Strugatsky; and if we hurry we might make the showing. Why she didn't mention this to me hours ago is a complete mystery. Probably one of those women things.

It was a most excellent gallery, they made good use of space and composition; and of course the art was fantastic. Amazingly enough Isobela and I both agreed that the best picture there was not one of the nakey ones!

There were many other galleries along the wharf. We spent the evening walking in the gentle sea breeze, listening to the tide, admiring the artwork, chatting and just having a grand old time. It doesn't get any better than this.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Tuesday night is supposed to mean Friendly Fire at Minni's Beach Bum. But not tonight. No Mack. No Case. No Friendly Fire. No marching bands. No dancing girls. No joy in Muddville. But Case did leave his beer keg; I checked the name tag on the bottom. So I lifted one in their honor. Or was it two? Three?

I visited Korat City as an observer, saw a couple of duels. Sword vs. sword and spear vs. whip. I have a nice Katana from the weaponsmith I worked for, but I'm not sure it would be fitting to use in Korat. I'm thinking of going back and getting more involved in the city, seems like they could use a few good men. My friend Tetsuo offered to show me the ropes in their training arena.

I made my first visit to Jhonan's Club Eclecticity to hear DJ Hy spinning his tunes. Isobela had a last minute request to hostess for him, so she and I spent time testing out the various dance areas within the club. They all worked just fine. No one bar none Tangos better than we do!

Shakin' it with Shayla II!

This evening I went to the Glamshack to listen to DJ Shayla, ably assisted by her hostess the lovely and talented Isobela! It was a light crowd at first, but grew as the dancing options expanded.

I pulled a Joce; Isobela set out some dance poles and I danced on one. I also tried Boinging on a dance pole, one wrong move and you get impaled! Elf joined in on the second pole, too.

Then Isobela broke out one of those DanceTables (where does she get these things? :) and she, Swanhilde and I danced on it for a bit; but got kinda dizzy. Elf and Debra tried it later, and then Ajay showed and took up position on the other pole!

DJ Shayla ended up playing overtime; the crowd kept making requests and we were all having a grand old time. It was the type of show that rejuvenates you and makes you feel good all the next day.

Last week at DJ Shayla's show I had asked for a relatively obscure song. She didn't have it, but said if I came back this week she would play it for me. Well a little ways into the show I asked for it again and it was the next song she plays! DJ Shalya Rocks!

Monday, March 3, 2008


I did a thorough cleanup of Mack's Gestures today. Without her around to keep things tidy a small family of cobras had taken up residence. A bunch of jackalopes were there hunting the snakes, and some giant hawks had built a nest up in the rafters and were feeding the jackalope to their young. But not to worry, they and their mess are all gone now.

Went to see DJ Jocelyn at 50's Corner for a 60's show. Isobela arrived shortly before me and we danced the Salsa all the way through. It was a real fun time; I hardly ever make Joce's Sunday afternoon shows but this time it seemed like just about everyone who was anyone was there. Hare even coined my new favorite saying for the day: YESH! No Mack and Case though, I'm still keeping an eagle-eye out for them.

I headed over to the rocky heights of Nightclub Echo Echo a little before the Friendly Fire show would have started, just in case, but still no Case. Or Mack. Babushka was there, dancing by herself, just like last week. I planted it at one of the tables on the lower deck and waited for DJ Jocelyn and Tracy.

Tracy arrived early for a change but needed help in finishing getting dressed. Then she needed help with her hair. This was all time she could have spent getting her group notices in order; but she wouldn't be the Tracy we all know and lobe if she did something like that!

Tonight’s theme for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness was DANCE! "Get on yer favorite dance outfit gang!" I wore my Ringmaster Tux with top hat and tails (at Joce's suggestion) and Isobela wore a stunning long black dress that matched it perfectly! We did the Ballroom dancing thing and put everyone else there to shame.

At the end of the night we were all blessed to hear the sweet, sweet strings of Radio Show reverberating off the granite peaks. Unfortunately the Glamtastic Duo were not there in person, but DJ Jocelyn played a few of their chart-busting hits for us. Life is good.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Glamtastic Grunge

Mack and Case are still having problems getting around. Latest rumor is that they hope to be back around on Tuesday, but I I'm constantly looking for them still. I'm in fourth-stage Friendly Fire withdrawal now; I can't last much longer.

I went and helped out that weapon smith some more, he was still offering items in trade but I already had most of them. I did some clothes shopping and picked up a couple of new shirt sets. Isobela said she likes the layered-look in shirts. Seems silly to me, but whatever.

She made a scale model of sky lounge she would like build to place above her new beach property. She wants a long horizontal cylinder with smaller vertical cylinders on the side and one on the bottom. Getting the cylinders marched together to make doorways will be tricky.

I flew up onto her sky platform to begin work while she did some painting and gardening work. I started with a model of my old skybox and ripped out the extraneous parts. I made one side cylinder for her and spent a while trying to make a doorway between the two. It looks like it will work OK, but if not I can make teleport portals between the sections.

I lost track of the time until Isobela reminded me that it was time to knock off and head to the Glamshack for the DJ Jocelyn and hostess Jenda show. The theme was 90's Grunge, and once again DJ Jocelyn did a simply amazing job of preparing a playlist and then in execution interspersing ad-hoc requests into a marvelous streaming rock marathon.

Jenda had set some dance poles out on the dance floor; it was mostly guys that took advantage of them, though. We all had a great time teasing and trying to get Joce and Tracy to pole dance.

The Grunge music sparked many conversations about the various artists. Sadly, it seems that many of them went to their makers very early. I wonder if there's any connection?

I finally found out what caused the riot at the Bushy Beard a few night ago. Apparently the whole thing started when a crazed fan of DJ Bill jumped up onto his DJ booth and started dancing on a pole!

Get the Led Out!

I met Isobela at the Glamshack for a evening of Led Zeppelin with DJ Hy. Tracy was late getting there, and had to leave early, so Isobela helped out with hostessing. As always DJ Hy's music was very good and the joint was jumping!

There were many people in and out during the first half of the show, but towards the end it was a core crowd that was hanging around. What made it special was that all of the audience was couples dancing together. That helped make for a very romantic evening.