Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Shayla; DJ Shayla

The wedding of King of Hell Dantes & Dea Goddess Queen Mama Kidd at The Mist- Kidd Island Wedding Chapel has been postponed. She had been very ill, I hope she is all right. Isobela and I were so looking forward to going; and poor Isobela had spent literally HOURS deciding just what to wear to a royal wedding!

I went looking for places for Isobela and I to race our Benz’s and found the Mooz RaceSL.com showcase. They let the general public race whatever vehicles they want on a Formula race track! Awesome. I did a test lap in the Benz in 34.453 seconds; it handles Beautifully! Some guy was racing a Formula car when I got there and the lap of his that I saw was 44 some seconds.

Next was sword and archery practice in Korat; sword is still difficult but doing better with archery. I'd like to try and get some practice in daily. The new construction efforts in the city are really taking shape. They have created almost an inner bailey just inside the gate; this will be very helpful in defending against raids.

Later Iso and I went shopping some; I had found some good deals on leather vests I thought she might like. Then we went to Mooz and races our Benz’s; I also rode my Intel chopper around the track some. We both need more practice. Next time we ought to take turns driving rather than each drive separately; that way the passenger will be able to give the driver helpful driving hints and/or heckle.

The DJ Shayla and Isobela show at the Glamshack was themed Shaken, not Stirred; a tribute to James Bond. I wore my Urbanity tux, the one that James copied for his movies. Isobela of course had taken this as an opportunity to go clothes shopping.

Justine was there and announced that he and Lil had tied the knot! He was so proud and happy! My friend Marissa was there early too looking as pretty as ever. Case showed up in a tux, and Mack in a formal dress! They must have been shopping too. They clean up good!

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