Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Tuesday night is supposed to mean Friendly Fire at Minni's Beach Bum. But not tonight. No Mack. No Case. No Friendly Fire. No marching bands. No dancing girls. No joy in Muddville. But Case did leave his beer keg; I checked the name tag on the bottom. So I lifted one in their honor. Or was it two? Three?

I visited Korat City as an observer, saw a couple of duels. Sword vs. sword and spear vs. whip. I have a nice Katana from the weaponsmith I worked for, but I'm not sure it would be fitting to use in Korat. I'm thinking of going back and getting more involved in the city, seems like they could use a few good men. My friend Tetsuo offered to show me the ropes in their training arena.

I made my first visit to Jhonan's Club Eclecticity to hear DJ Hy spinning his tunes. Isobela had a last minute request to hostess for him, so she and I spent time testing out the various dance areas within the club. They all worked just fine. No one bar none Tangos better than we do!

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