Thursday, March 27, 2008

Three and Oh!

When I went to Korat to train today I saw a panther girl running away from the city. When I went inside I found our master at arms, my friend Jacuban, had been gravely injured by Smiggles. I bound the worst of his wounds and assisted him down into the courtyard where other were able to help him fully recover.

By this time Smiggles was back in her compound. She foolishly stayed standing on the walls of her compound, and was dispatched with a few long-range arrows. Next I took out Bonifazius who was similarly peeking too far over their walls.

Their comrades aided them, and a long-range archery duel ensued. I took a few hits, but those angels of mercy isis and pearl took good care of my wounds. Things eventually quited down, and then I noticed a panther girl in the open area between our encampments.

I dispatched her with my bow, but when I went to retrieve her I was ambushed by two others. With the help of my tarn I was able to elude them and make my way back to the city, sans captive. isis and pearl again healed me, along with Lady Miyam.

Much later, Isobela and I went horseback riding in Acropolis gardens. That is an amazing place. We rode up a large mountain and discovered a secret chamber at the top. There were lava pits, cool houses for sale and we went galloping on the beaches.

We went back to Impact Area beach where Isobela dug out along the shoreline in order for there to be waves rolling in on the beach. That is a very cool thing to sit and watch. At some point a burning Tiki head had appeared outside the compound, too! Most likely dropped by celestial visitors; is has stayed smoking for quite a while.

A wonderful cap to the day was dancing at Bellagio in the Isle of Dreams. We saw Bella and Casey there, plus a few others. Waltzing and chatting for hours. Life is good.

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