Wednesday, March 12, 2008

County Westmeath Tartan

I did some more work on the skybox today. It's a cool place, but needs help with it's appearance. I took out those funky, space-wasting ramps I had and put in teleport buttons. I did the fancy ones that teleport you relative to where it is, not to a specific latitude and longitude. That way if we ever decide to move the skybox the teleporters will still work correctly.

I also did some masonry work in the basement; the walls look a little better there and I'll probably make the same changes to the outside but long-term I really need to work on the visuals. During a break I sat and played on my Sit and Spin; that thing is a blast!

Tuesday means the Beach Bum. Friendly Fire is back in town. Life is good. Life is especially good when Mack sings a brand-spanking new Friendly Fire song at their new-music venue! She debuted "Paris", about everyone's favorite heiress! Mack also wore her Hello Kitty jammies, I guess she didn't want to feel left out; Case was back in his normal rags. Missy and Niky stopped by, but no Minni yet again.

After the show Isobela too me to the Tartan Shop where she had special-ordered a Full dress County Westmeath Tartan kilt for me! It was ready to be picked up so we grabbed it and headed back to the skybox for me to try it on. It looks totally awesome. Fantabulous even. It is so cool to have my own clothes that no one else in the Metaverse has. I mean besides those t-shirts I made that no one else in the Metaverse would want.

Iso got dressed up too and we went out on the town. Well, we went out; since our jobs involve listening to the best band in the hottest clubs anywhere "going out on the town" is relative. I had seen a place that was offering dance lessons so we went to check them out; we decided against them, though. Isobela knew of a place that had some fancy skyboxes for sale to we headed over there. They have some truly awesome models and I picked up many good ideas for fixing up ours.

The last stop of the night was at the shooting range at TalTECH. Isobela has often gone shooting on her friend Jer's property but she hadn't been to a range like this. We each took turns at the 25 meter pistol range, me using the Glocks that Isobela had bought me and her these pistols that had a cool laser sight.

Next we attacked the target dummies; she kept her pistols and I used my Glocks, katana, bow, shotgun, assault rifle and the Gauss rifle that came with my space armor. It’s a good thing those dummies have that automatic reset feature!

By then it had gotten late and I needed to head for the barn. We said our goodbyes and I headed out; she likely stayed there longer pulverizing those poor dummies. The more I think about those skyboxes we saw the more I like them. I feel a total redesign coming on. I may go back and buy a small one and use it for parts. But first, I must plan.

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