Friday, March 28, 2008

The New Fibber's

I arrived in Korat today to find that a fellow warrior had been captured by the treacherous panther girls. Another warrior, my friend Aeneas and I were to free him. As we discussed our strategies, another of the kitties approached out walls.

We too to the parapets and wounded her, but she took cover at the base of the walls where we could not fire. I called for my trusty brother of the wind, whom I named Gutripper, and flew out beyond the walls. From there Aeneas had her in a crossfire; she was soon down and captured.

I sent a messenger bird to the panther girl holding our mate captive, and the kittie agreed to an exchange. We met on a ship at the docks, and despite many attempts at treachery we were able to make the exchange and free our comrade.

My first Friendly Fire show of the day was for a Video Shoot! Mack and Case were in the Auditorium for their very own video shoot! I'm not sure of the details, Mack and Case had all these video cameras and microphones and such focused on them. They were all dressed up for the show, Mack even had her nails done!

The crowd was phenomenal! Usually on foreign soil the majority is locals, but not this time. The Glamtastic were everywhere and the show was amazing. The video and pictures are supposed to be posted at when they are done. I might remember to leave a note later when they are posted.

After the show I went to check out the new Fibbers with Rosi and my friend Justine to make sure we knew where it was for the next show. At the beginning of last season I had lost a football bet with Ajay and was to wear a Tampa Bay Buccaneers shirt for an evening at Fibber's at the date and time of her choosing. I had the shirt all ready and have just been waiting for her to tell me when. Now that the old Fibber's is closed, I wonder if the bet is still valid?

I wandered around the metaverse some and happened to find an old treasure map dated Aug 4, 1754. This place is so cool. Someday I'll have to see if I can go and find that treasure; in the meantime I have it pinned to the wall of the skybox.

Friendly Fire totally rocked the new Fibber's; my favorite band in my favorite bar is always an amazing time. Spook was there! I haven't see her glamtastic self in way too long. Anutte and Emmie and many other rock and rolls fans as well. I never spend as much time at Fibber's or the Blarney Stone as I would like, every time I go there I have a blast. Dublin Rocks

My third Friendly Fire show of the day was the regular Friday-eve gig at Club Casa Blanco. They had started a little late to give themselves time to get there from Dublin; so of course they stayed extra-late. Isobela and I monopolized one area of the dance floor and had an absolutely wonderful time listening to the band and chatting with each other and everyone else in the place.

We went by the A K K Horse Ranch to look at horses. I was getting tired of borrowing them, and Isobela had wanted a friend for the horse she already had. I ended up buying a Clydesdale; as Isobela noted, since they are know for being warhorses and also pulling beer wagons I naturally named him Glam! Isobela ended up with a Blue Roan, she's leaning towards naming her Swag.

We took our new horses to a nature preserve and rode around some. We swam out to an old sailing ship and went up to a small lake in the caldera of a semi-dormant volcano; a natural hot-springs! We met a couple of people near the clubhouse there and they wanted to know where we had gotten such wonderful animals, so of course I gave them directions to the stables.

We'll need to go out exploring that place some more; it's still a work in progress but is very well done. It has the potential to rival even Pele in it's beauty! I love exploring and finding neat new places and going to Dublin and listening to Friendly Fire in all of the amazing venues they inhabit and I love just so many things about this majestic metaverse. We are truly blessed.


Case said...

Hi ho Glam! AWAY!

Nice job on the hat trick yesterday Sir Tycho :)

Ajay said...

Yes, the bet is still valid :P

Tycho Beresford said...

I was afraid that you'd say that, Ajay. ((Tycho digs around to make sure he still has that blasted Bucs shirt.))