Friday, March 21, 2008

You Rock!

I spent this morning and most of today in and around Korat. I had decided to try my hand at being a weaponsmith; I wanted a certain type of sword, a gladius iberius or Roman short sword, but hadn't seen any for sale that were just what I wanted. I made many quick trips to various stores to get parts and learned the basics of sword-making. I also learned that a short sword would probably not be best for the types of combat I'll likely encounter here, so I'll just keep the weapons I have now and possibly try and make a crossbow.

I also looked into the problems that I was having the previous day with my Katana and Scorpion Bow, and think that I have figured them out. They worked in a test environment, but before I went into battle with them I wanted to test them out "live". I talked somebody into helping me out with this; my weapons worked fine and luckily he's a troll so those limbs will regenerate.

Ajay had asked if I could work at the Glamshack tonight for the Friendly Fire show, and since I was planning to be there anyway I said sure. I met up with Isobela and we went over together. I walked in the door and stretched from one side to the other was a huge sign that said "Happy Birthday Tycho"!

Now as my birthday isn't for four days, this came as quite a surprise. Quite a wonderful surprise; come Sunday I was planning on getting real inquisitive so as not to be surprised by anyone, but they got me good.

Isobela and the usual cast of characters all conspired against me. Brooke supplied the decor and The Tracy did the decorating. Mack helped out with sending invitations. Case stored up all the karmic energy generated by the hubbub going on about him.

During the Friendly Fire show Case made up stories about me and told everyone. Well, not exactly stories, but mis-quotes and things taken out of context. For example, I did not say that I would stick his microphone up his ass; I said "Based on a scientific poll of a random sampling of your officers, I have come up with an even better place to locate your microphone!"

They told me I wasn't supposed to be working and we had four other officers there, but it's almost like a reflex to turn and say hi to people when they arrive; I couldn't help it. Of course Case and Mack sang happy birthday to me midway through the show. Case finished with "Happy Birthday Sir Tycho! You, are a gentleman and a scholar." I was slightly embarrassed.

After Friendly Fire DJ Hy took the stage assisted by the lovely and talented The Tracy. Isobela had pumped me for a list of my favorite songs and passed it onto him, so about the first hour was simply incredible music! Well, at least I thought so. Mack and Case stayed on through the wee hours laughing and joking and being their usual lives of the party.

One thing that really surprised me was the number of gifts that people gave me. It was totally unexpected. Thank you Adrian and Shayla and Rosie and Tracy and Koni and Nef and Robin and Eeyore and I'm sure I'm missing too many of you wonderful people. I had a simply a marvelous time. Thank you so much!

AK was there is her hottest librarian in the metaverse getup. Tiger even stopped by all the way from Korat; thankfully he didn't come in full regalia else those faint of heart in the Shack would have dropped dead away. It was the first time I remember seeing Argus at the Glamshack. Gussie sent me hugs over IM, curm and Raven called to wish me well too.

I've never had a better night in the metaverse. Once or twice at Fibber's might have come close; but there has never been anything better than this wonderful gift that fair damsel Isobela gave me. Darling, you rock.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

I am glad you had a great time! It was my pleasure. Happy Birthday! xxoo

Hare said...

Hoppy Hoppy Birthday My Friend!

Ajay said...

Happy Belated, Tycho!!!

And yes, I knew of the plot ;) But I really *did* have a dinner date too, as evidenced by my lack of showing up :)

Many happy returns!