Thursday, March 6, 2008

They're BAACCCKKKK!!!!!!

I went back to check out Korat City again, this time better dressed for the surroundings. My friend Tiger, the First Sword of the city, told me more about the place and what they were looking for in recruits. He answered some of my questions and gave me an application for citizenship. I need to think about it a little more, but in all likelihood will apply.

Later on I stopped by the Glamshack to listen to DJ Bill play for Hy and Adrian's birthday party, and who should I see but Mack and Case! Friendly Fire has returned! It's true! I saw them with my own two peepers! Hostess Ajay pointed me to Jenda who had made some awesome Happy Birthday Adrian and Hy top-hats with sparklers on them! Everyone had the hats on and were rocking out!

A little wile later my dear friend Alaska showed up at the Glamshack! She's another fan of Hy's, and came to wish him Happy Birthday but he had just left. So she and I caught each other up on what we had been doing and such and had a grand chat.

Neither of could stay until the end of DJ Bill's show, so we said our so longs and each headed out. Mack and Case had left a little earlier to head over to Club Casa Blanco to start getting ready for their show, so I headed over there too. Due to their surprise return there were no officer's assigned; Ajay was hostessing and Isobela hadn't gotten home from work yet so I figured I'd do it.

Dee was already at Casa Blanco when I arrived, I tried to get over to him and ask if he was going to send out a notice but I couldn't get through to him, so I sent out the group notice myself. As soon as I did the group chat channel lit up like a Christmas tree! It was so cool. I sent out directions in the chat channel too and even offered limo rides to the Unprecedented Return of Friendly Fire!

Isobela had gotten home and hurried over to the show. As soon as I heard the sweet, sweet string of Radio Show I took out the rotating text billboard thing that Isobela and I had worked on. It sat on my shoulders and used red lasers to project in the air over my head in a 5 by 10 meter spare sequentially "Welcome back", "Mack and Case", We Lobe You!"

Mack and Case had prepared two new songs while they were gone; "Go Go", a song about their precious saber-tooth kitty, and "Looking for the Party!" Of course they played most of their other hits and went well past their allotted time. Case and Mack sang Happy Birthday to Hy when he stopped by, and the last song of the night was dedicated to Earthlink DSL!

With all the hooting and hollering I'll be deaf for months; even so it was so good to hear them again. Everyone agreed. What a perfect night! Oh, and while Friendly Fire took a two-week break? Guess who forgot how to trigger her poofer?

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Case said...

It was like the time I got out of prison! It sure was great to see everyone, and the new rotating text billboard you and Iso made was awesome! I could hardly see my monitor for the tears of joy!