Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friendliest Fire

Friendly Fire played at the Happy Rezzday Party for Yang Paine and Anniversary Birthday of Barbecute Barbosa this afternoon. They were the third of four scheduled acts at the Nude Art Gallery Estate IV. We all had to keep our clothes on, though. They followed the Avatar rock band, who was actually pretty good.

During the show the metaverse started hiccuping, bad. They need a grown-up database. By the end there were only Mack, myself and three of the audience left. Traffic outside was impossible, so Mack and I looked around the Gallery some and talked about the next show on Bourbon street. We were concerned that we wouldn't be able to make it thee, but we finally got through with a few minutes to spare. Case wasn't there, so we made up a contingency replacement plan.

Upon hearing of the contingency, Case said that we'll need to do something about that guitar, but other than that it's a solid plan. I also came up with the idea of having mounted Friendly Fire officers (no, not that Rosi; I mean on horses.) I tried the idea out, but it wasn't a very valid test with no audience and only one performer. Perhaps we can explore it later at another outdoor venue.

Eventually Case made it there, and a handful of other people, so Friendly Fire started an abbreviated show. They'll be going back later to do their full show when the metaverse is behaving better. They have so many good songs they never have a chance to play them all at any single show, and this abbreviated show format with their usual opening and closing songs and a few in-between was pretty cool. It was hell on the roadies who had to do all of the setup and take-down for just a few songs, but as Mack always says "That's Rock and Roll!"

Mack and Case and the regulars all left right at the end of their originally scheduled performance to head to the Glamshack where they had another show booked. I stayed around for a bit to make sure everyone got off OK and that we weren't leaving anyone or anything behind, then headed to the Shack myself.

The stress of all the troubles earlier in the day was felt in Friendly Fire's music giving it a vibrance and depth rarely seen. I'm really proud of those jokers; two hat-tricks in two days! By the time I reached the Glamshack I was exhausted and more than happy to hand over officer duties to Willa and Isobela, but Mack and Case were up on stage rocking on.

DJ Hy followed with Guitar Wars, an incredible string skirmish of the best rock twangers. The Echo Echo contingent showed up to make it a fun and funny evening; they are great. Isobela and I danced the evening away chatting, laughing and loving everyone there.


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

---->During the show the metaverse started hiccuping, bad.<----
I love how you so politely put the fact that SL was hosed. NOT just a little, but in a major way....LOL

Tycho Beresford said...

Sometimes Friendly Fire shows start with just a handful of people there, but by halftime they are always playing to a packed house. It was very disconcerting to see all the fans melting away before my very eyes!

~ Rosi said...

*snort* why you lil ... I only just saw your comment about the uhm .. mounting *snicker* :)