Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Rez Day Mysty!

This afternoon I went back to skybox place and looked at them again. I'm still undecided about buying one, I may just try redecorating the current place. I did buy some cool new shades though.

Later that evening Friendly Fire was playing for the Glamtastic Mysty Oh's Rez-Day Bash! Her party has been going on all day since BEARintheMorning kicked it off at 6am. Isobela was able to get to Stream to help me with officering the show.

Of course Case sang Happy Rez Day to Mysty with his own special brand of lyrics. Mack was wearing a very colorful party dress. I was kinda unfair to Case yesterday referring to his wardrobe as rags; he was wearing the same type of clothes he always does, I guess they are best described as Case-clothes.

Friendly Fire played all three of their newer songs to great acclaim. BEARintheMorning was there, too. It's been too long since I've seen him; maybe I can catch his show this Friday. Komuso played next; an excellent Blues guitarist so we stayed and listened to him for a bit. Afterwards we went to see Digby at the Lakeville Point Mall and ran into Dolomite there. Digby plays some awesome music and is a truly nice guy. We caught a little bit of Vladamir's show after Digby.

Towards the end of the evening we visited Promise's store in Technocity. I had heard her talk about the place before, but oddly enough neither Isobela nor I had ever been there. Promise has some cool paintings for sale, including one very cool one of three mermaids. An awesome place. Afterwards we visited some of the other shops in the area, and then said our goodbyes. Another Glamtastic day in the metaverse.

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Case said...

I'm certainly not above wearing rags, especially if there's a bet involved.