Sunday, March 9, 2008

Splashing in Freestar Bay

This morning I stopped by the Jocelyn's Cove: The Hangout to hear DJ Taliesin. He is very good just like all of the hangout DJs; he played a mix of the decades. All of the regulat cool cats were there; it was a very enjoyable time.

Later Iso dragged me by the ear shopping with her. She wanted to buy soime clothes for me to, but I already have 3 shirts. She ended up with about two weeks worth of clothes for herself; or about enough to clothe a medium-sized village in a third-world country for 6 years. She finally did end up getting an outfit for me, a nice grey/white/black pants/shirt/vest/jacket combination thing.

Afterwards we worked on a skybox for her beachfront property. The initial design didn't work out, but I came up with a decent one I think; a platform with a small house on it. I'll put a nice hot tub atop the house, it has a spectacular view. Still working on the rest of it, though. Oh, and there a, um, basement; for, ah, storing things.

We headed over to the Glamshack to listed to DJ Jocelyn ably assisted by her hostess Jenda. They had a beach theme, so I wore my Molson trunks and went barefoot. Mack and Case were there along with a cast of thousands. The music was great, but we couldn't stay long because Friendly Fire had a gig to get ready for.

They were playing at Freestar Bay's Saturday Night Musician's Showcase. The Showcase features 10 short performances each Saturday night by the best of SL'd musicians. It's a very popular event, and there was horrible traffic problems. Case and Isobela seemed to make it OK, but Mack and I each had problems getting there.

It's a good thing we all got started early because the act before Friendly Fire was having technical difficulties so they gave up the stage to Friendly Fire early; we were blessed with 45 minutes of Glamtastic rock instead of the scheduled 30!

The place was packed. It was almost all people I hadn't seen before; I sure many Friendly Fire Friends were trying to get in but the traffic problems were keeping them away. I was insanely busy handing out swag bags and group invites. As soon as someone left two more took their place!

Thankfully the show was short, I'm not sure I could have made it through a regular one. Mack and Case ended the show with the song Glam Me A Beer. And boy, did I need one!

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