Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Shack, Again

When I got home from work today there was a party invitation from Cheyenne for a bash on the 15th to celebrate the closing of the Pele grounds and her new island. At the end of the evening she will blow up the Dragon Sky Bar with all of the guests watching from a (hopefully) safe distance.

The invitation itself was pretty cool; well of course since Cheyenne did it. There was a large picture of Mt. Pele with the words "Aloha, Pele!"and the details written below it. The really cool thing was that the picture was taken from my balcony; the chairs that Isobela had made for me were prominent in the foreground!

After sorting through the rest of my mail I saw that I had missed a Friendly Fire show at the Glamshack. In talking with Isobela about it later she said that she and Ajay had Officered and that it was a smashing success as always. I sure hope they get their schedule sorted out soon.

I took a quick shower and headed out to hear DJ Hy at the Glamshack. He was doing a fantastic special on Clapton and Windwood. Oddly enough there wasn't a hostess apparent; I asked one person about it and they said it was another person, but when I asked them about it they said it was the first person. I decided that I would just keep out of it.

As Isobela and I were dancing I noticed Alaska walking through the door. Two days in a row, Woot! Of course she was in a different one of her many disguises. We chatted some more and I found out a startling fact. You may not believe this, I didn't at first; but she has never seen a Friendly Fire show! We made a firm pact to get her to see one soonest.

Alaska had actually come to the Glamshack to see Hy and wish him a belated Happy Birthday. She danced for a while but wasn't able to stay until the end like Isobela and I. We closed the place down, again. Life is good.

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