Saturday, March 1, 2008

Glamtastic Grunge

Mack and Case are still having problems getting around. Latest rumor is that they hope to be back around on Tuesday, but I I'm constantly looking for them still. I'm in fourth-stage Friendly Fire withdrawal now; I can't last much longer.

I went and helped out that weapon smith some more, he was still offering items in trade but I already had most of them. I did some clothes shopping and picked up a couple of new shirt sets. Isobela said she likes the layered-look in shirts. Seems silly to me, but whatever.

She made a scale model of sky lounge she would like build to place above her new beach property. She wants a long horizontal cylinder with smaller vertical cylinders on the side and one on the bottom. Getting the cylinders marched together to make doorways will be tricky.

I flew up onto her sky platform to begin work while she did some painting and gardening work. I started with a model of my old skybox and ripped out the extraneous parts. I made one side cylinder for her and spent a while trying to make a doorway between the two. It looks like it will work OK, but if not I can make teleport portals between the sections.

I lost track of the time until Isobela reminded me that it was time to knock off and head to the Glamshack for the DJ Jocelyn and hostess Jenda show. The theme was 90's Grunge, and once again DJ Jocelyn did a simply amazing job of preparing a playlist and then in execution interspersing ad-hoc requests into a marvelous streaming rock marathon.

Jenda had set some dance poles out on the dance floor; it was mostly guys that took advantage of them, though. We all had a great time teasing and trying to get Joce and Tracy to pole dance.

The Grunge music sparked many conversations about the various artists. Sadly, it seems that many of them went to their makers very early. I wonder if there's any connection?

I finally found out what caused the riot at the Bushy Beard a few night ago. Apparently the whole thing started when a crazed fan of DJ Bill jumped up onto his DJ booth and started dancing on a pole!


The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

OMG could it possible be? Do my eyes actually see this? If I am not mistaken it's the awesome DJ Jocelyn Sands on that dance pole!!! woot woot You go girl!!

Case said...

Holy moly, we're off the grid for a week and Jocelyn is pole dancing?!? It's all falling apart! Be strong kids, we're pulling out all the stops to get back!

The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Hurry Back Case and Mac! We are all suffering! Tycho is holding down the fort, but I don't know how much longer I can last.. I have the FF DT's......

Jocelyn said...

I will never live this down!