Monday, March 31, 2008

Has Jocelyn had that talk with you yet?

Isobela and I went to take photographs for my Friendly Fire Officer's promotional picture. We had each done our own yesterday, and since hers turned out so much better than mine she agreed to help me take some more so I don't look quite as bad in comparison. What a sweetheart!

In the afternoon I was able to make Opening Day at the Savoy Jazz Club with DJ Hy and The Tracy. Isobela and I danced a while until duty called. The Savoy is a really nice place; I liked the way the bar area flowed into the dance floor. And of course DJ Hy plays excellent Jazz.

Isobela and I headed to Nightclub Echo Echo for the weekly Friendly Fire Extravaganza. We arrived early and were able to grab one of the better dancing spots for the night. I also test-fired all of my poofers to make sure they were in working order. There were a couple of people there already; they must have seen Mack and Case in the schedule and came extra-early to get a good spot so we chatted wit them.

The theme of the Friendly Fire show was what dicks SL DBAs are. They really need to grow up. During the show Moard chided me because I threw out an example of a SQL Injection statement that a SL DBA might use; he seemed kinda shocked at me for proposing this.

Mack and Case were up to their old antics of making the metaverse a better place for all of us. This time they were motivated by a comment that Joce had made at 17:48 SLT last Friday that "i am very proud of my belly button". This led to a contest, with a large cash prize to be awarded by Mack and Case, for the best picture of Joce's belly button. Judging will be next Sunday at the normal Echo Echo gig.

Being in the mood for giving out prizes, Case also announced that there will be a special prize awarded to the 500th Friendly Fire Friends group member. I checked when he said that and we were at 488. The only problem is how am I supposed to figure out who the 500th is? We get the bulk of new members during shows, but people can join on their own; and they can leave on their own. While our numbers have a steady upwards curve, on a day-to-day basis they do fluctuate. I'll do my best to pinpoint the 500th member, but there will be some measure of randomness involved.

During the show Friendly Fire played the fantastic, new-to-me song that they teased us with the night before. I hope they make it a part of their regular play list because it really is good. They had played it early in the show this time so I wasn't able to fully appreciate it; I was busy running around handing out swag bags and group invites to all of the newly-arrived fans and answering all of their questions and such. I didn't catch the title, but the chorus goes something like "Get up, stand up, dust yourself off; we're gonna do it again!"; very inspirational.

After taking a week off for rest and recuperation the DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy duo were back for another Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. This week's theme was once again Let's Talk About Sex. The chat was wild and wooly. I missed curm and his crazy comments; he would have had a field-day! Poor Joce still has the flu, but at least she wasn't coughing and cursing as bad as last night.

Afterwards Isobela and I went to Club Rage for a bit, we saw Shayla there too. It's a very nice place; I liked the atmosphere. It has a open layout for dancing, a DJ was playing good music and the people were very friendly. It was just as if a new visitor had arrived at Echo Echo or the Glamshack; the performer and hostess and a handful of the crowd all said Hi and Welcome and such. Life is good.


Case said...

Tycho, you are right, it will be tricky to identify number 500, as has been established I am better at coming up with ideas than I am at thinking them through. If we end up with multiple number 500's, it works for me.

The new number is called "Do It Again", and based on the response I think it's going into regular rotation :) "Get up, stand up, dust yourself off" seems to be an appropriate theme in the Metaverse these days. Maybe it's time to go visit with the Oracle...

Jenda Starbrook said...

Thanks so much for the compliments on The Savoy! We had such a great turnout for the Grand Opeing and it was all because of you, the music fans!

Case - I *SO* need to hear the new song. Whaaa!