Friday, March 14, 2008

The Jig

I had gotten a call from MarcelezaG50 that he had moved his art gallery in Kumarajiva into a sky box so I went to check it out. It seems he has most of the artwork from the first time I visited, but being in the skybox, without a bunch of background clutter, made for a much nicer viewing.

My own skybox needed redecorating so I worked on that some. I replaced all of the masonry with some old bronze panels and laid new flooring everywhere. I'm still having problems but the new floor tiles helped a little.

I went over to Isobela's beach where she and Jer were chatting. She had extended her dock some and I helped put a diving platform on it. Jer and I took turns diving from it, then I brought the Tester around and we took turns diving from her. He seemed fairly impressed by my schooner; Isobela had told him that she had bought me a 'boat' but he had no idea it was such a magnificent tall ship.

Isobela had to leave for work so Jer and I went over to his Volcano and explored the caverns in it's base. There is one large room where he has put a bar, couch and even a trampoline!

Friendly Fire played their usual Friday Eve gig at Casa Blanco. I showed up early and danced the Jig up on the bar with Fluffy and Kiely!

Mack and Case played all three of their new song, plus many old favorites. Case sang his Uncle's Irish Drinking song, and he tried to sing Danny Boy too. I was lucky enough to get a spot on Isobela's dance card!

After the Glamtastic show Isobela and I went window shopping for clothes and islands. We met a nice new neighbor of hers that had just bought an island of her own. Then we went to the skybox so I could show her the problem I was having with the floor tiles and walls.

At first we thought the sky box might be haunted, but then Isobela remembered seeing something like this before. She passed on a hint from master builder Adrian and it worked like a charm! I'll be moving in this weekend and I'm really looking forward to it!

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

Re Moving: Do ya need some boxes? I have a couple laying around that you can have. And I think even a new box of Hefty bags for all the clothes in that closet of yours....