Friday, March 21, 2008

Tal, Warrior

I spent some more time in Korat this afternoon at the request of Lady Miyam. Tiger was there, he is First Sword of the city. He invited me to spar with him, so of course I accepted even though my only previous experience in the metaverse was with target dummies. The first round of sparring was a bust; apparently my Katana and Scorpion Bow were not registering hits on the sparring system scoreboard. Tiger graciously gave me a sword and bow that he had made and we sparred a few more rounds.

I did fairly well; there was a learning curve at first of course but I ended up winning 7 of 16 rounds, including last 4. Lady Miyam was leaning on me hard to join the city and add to their ranks of warriors, and eventually I did.

Later on Friendly Fire was playing their weekly Glamtastic gig at Club Casa Blanco. It was Willa's first scheduled officer appearance, under the able tutelage of Isobela and Dee. Ajay showed up to help too, and I made it in for the last few songs.

Isobela was considering joining Korat City also, but was unsure of what job she would like. We went to the city to look around and talk to folks. My friend Rein asked me to spar with him, and I won 2 out of 3 with bows. I think I'm better with melee weapons, though.

Isobela decided to join the city as an understudy to Miyam as a Mystic. After sparring with Rein the four of us spoke for a while, then I called my tarn and flew around the area for a bit.

While we were there I received notice that Dea Goddess Queen Mama was getting married next Monday at 5! The lucky guy is King of Hell Dantes. The wedding will be at The Mist - Kidd Island Wedding Chapel with reception to follow in the Grand ballroom. This will likely be quite an event; I sure hope Isobela and I have a chance to attend. A Royal Wedding! Woot!

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