Sunday, March 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Joce!

This morning I was summoned to Korat by the administrator. It seems the panther girl camp was under attack by some bandits so the city guard was being beefed up just in case. I watched their pathetic attempts at combat from the city walls. Things ended when the leader of the kitties and the leader of the bandits parlayed; they probably decided they should each go off and hide in shame.

There was a record crowd in the Glamshack for DJ Jocelyn's Birthday tonight. It was her 22nd birthday yet again! Just everyone was there! Well, except for Ajay; she had a pressing engagement to attend to. The music was fantastic, she must have been playing all of her favorites. The crowd was rowdy, rambunctious and rocking out. We all had simply a marvelous time.

With so many of her admiring fans present of course DJ Jocelyn played overtime. I was able to stay through the end of the show and then some, but had to leave. Friendly fire was taking part in a special showcase at Freestar Bay featuring songwriters. Well since they write and sing all of their own Glamtastic music they were invited to sing some of their songs and talk about how and why they wrote them.

Freestar had taken out the seating and put pillows and rugs in. Since the shows were scheduled to go so late into the evening she had turned it into a pajama party! As the artists were singing Freestar went around bopping people with the pillows!

MoonDogGirl was on before Friendly Fire with the guitar and nice vocals; Pato followed with more guitar and nice vocals. It was just a half-hour show, but the crowd was really into it. Mack and Case finished with a minute or so of a song that I have never heard them sing before, one that I really liked. It was noticeably softer than their usual Glam rock; the chorus was something like "get up and do it again". I hope they have a chance to play it again soon; maybe the next time they do some half-replugged.

Afterwards Isobela and I went shopping for clothes and weapons. Daggers and short swords mostly, plus we looked at some bows. While out she told me about the songs on Elf's MySpace page. I tuned in and listened and he is pretty good; I listened to his stuff the rest of the night. Isobela constantly amazes me with all of the cool people she knows in this amazing metaverse.

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