Thursday, March 6, 2008


When I got home today there was a rainstorm over Pele! I've never seen any type of inclement weather there before. There are stories of it snowing once, and I've seen pictures of that, but this was so odd. I was going to put on my bathing suit and go dancing around in it, but the lightning was getting a little too close.

Brooke has done some redecorating in her store, Fairplay Designs & Art. There a walkway up to a new second level just for greeting cards, and the furniture and stuff that used to be on the second floor moved up to a new third floor. It's good to see successful merchants; and I bet she kept her Vote box in the exact same spot just for me!

After finishing my daily rounds, including my new stop in the Land of Palaces, I went back home to practice with some of the weapons that the weaponsmith gave me. I had played around with them some, but I needed to become much more familiar with their range and speed. I used some old furniture as targets; it's pretty much splinters now. I wonder if the target dummies Isobela and I had blown away with the guns would be useful for this? Oh, and I worked on a secret move: swinging while jumping over someone head.

When Isobela got home I went over to her place. We talked about Korat City some more; I showed her my weapon moves and she showed me some dresses that she had bought that should be appropriate for wear there. We’ll probably stop by there as visitors soon.

After while we talked about what to do with the rest of the evening. Ajay and DJ Gwen were at Fibber's, and it's been too long since we were there, but Isobela expressed an interest in visiting art galleries so I suggested one we had been to before a while back.

The Gallery Orinoco had the same exhibit as the last time that we visited; maybe they added a few new items. It was still fun to wander around and chat about nonsense. They still don't have any red head photos, though.

Finally Isobela gets around to telling me that her Art Group was having an exhibition at Brooks Wharf, Pier 5, in Strugatsky; and if we hurry we might make the showing. Why she didn't mention this to me hours ago is a complete mystery. Probably one of those women things.

It was a most excellent gallery, they made good use of space and composition; and of course the art was fantastic. Amazingly enough Isobela and I both agreed that the best picture there was not one of the nakey ones!

There were many other galleries along the wharf. We spent the evening walking in the gentle sea breeze, listening to the tide, admiring the artwork, chatting and just having a grand old time. It doesn't get any better than this.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

--->>>>It doesn't get any better than this.<<<<---- Of course not silly I was with the grooviest guy in the metaverse! Ohh and the art was pretty good too..