Monday, March 24, 2008

We Miss You! Get Well Soon!

In the morning I helped Iso with a special project for her hostessing job on Monday nights. They're thinking of having a special theme night in a week or two and will likely need some accessories for it. I also worked at weaponsmithing some more. That is slow work, but things are coming along.

The local Mercedes Benz dealership was having a 2 for 1 special on their C-Class so I bought a couple. I went cruising around this golf course and beach. It handles most excellently, a couple of times I almost got caught in a sand trap but was able to pull away at the last second!

Friendly Fire played their usual Sunday night gig amidst the rocky craps of Nightclub Echo Echo. Now that the Easter Bunny had come and gone, dancing to the Glamtastic tunes of Mack and Case was a great way to work off that sugar high! Their music was extra-crisp tonight; apparently that electronical wizard Case had been tweaking their stuff and it sounded noticeably better.

There was quite a cast of characters in attendance. One guy named Shaggy was obsessed with getting everyone to streak. At one point he had to step out for a bit and when he got back we all teased him that the streaking song played while he was gone and we had all gotten starkers! Poor guy was aghast and cursing up a blue streak!

The metaverses premier Rock and Roll venue was jumping high, but there was a sad note to it also because DJ Jocelyn wasn't going to be able to make it for her and The Tracy's Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness. On Case's lead, we all got together on the count of 3 and sent Joce all the positive karma that we could muster to help her get well soon!

After the Friendly Fire show I went to listen to DJ Gordon at Gallery Orinoco. He is pretty good; he was playing soft rock while I was there. It was quite a change of pace from Case and Mack but very enjoyable nonetheless. The Gallery has a new exhibit, at least on the ground floor that I could see from the dance floor. It's called "Delusions of Introspection" by DL; I'll need to mention this to Isobela and see if she would like to go a-viewing.

After long and hard thought I decided to give my extra Mercedes Benz C-Class to Isobela, and when she saw it she freaked. She was like "I've always wanted one of these!" She immediately repainted it, change the hubcaps and we went for a spin around Cove Islands. We'll need to find a race course to drive them on. An extra-wide race course.

Later on we worked on projects on Impact Area beach. She worked on her compound, mostly with the drapes; I put up a Saints flag like she had asked to rival her neighbor's Redskins flag. It's right at the edge of the water, he'll have to drive under it every time he takes his boat or float-plane out. We mostly just chilled out and had a very relaxing evening. Life is good.

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