Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saddle Up!

In the afternoon I went to Korat for more weapons practice. I'm getting better little by little. I chatted with Lady Miyam who told of a battle there shortly before I arrived. It's so frustrating to always miss the bloodbaths! Someday my ship full of raiders will come in.

After a wonderful steak dinner I headed over to the Beach Bum for the weekly Glamtastic Friendly Fire show. Still no Mini though; I'm really getting worried about her. Mack and Case keep getting better every time that I hear them. It's so cool to have a job that I love so much.

Everyone at Beach Bum wished me a Happy Birthday. They are such a great group of people. Alaska called while I was there to wish me a Happy Birthday too. Isobela showed up near the end of the show and the dear had saved a dance for me.

Later on Isobela and I went horseback riding in the Mengelin II areas. We had a really good time. She has her own horse, I borrowed one, and we rode all over the place. Up and down hills and mountains, swimming across rivers and streams, wandering through desert scrub. The view was breathtaking! And the scenery wasn't too bad, either!

I will likely be getting my own horse so we can go on more adventures; I have a whole list of good places to ride. I hope my tarn doesn't get jealous! And I need to spend more time on the Tester, too. I am blessed to have so many good friends and so many cool things to do. This is truly a wondrous world that we live in.

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