Saturday, March 15, 2008

Goodbye Dragon Skybar!

This morning Isobela and I met with Mack and Case in a undisclosed location to discuss a secret project. Details will be forthcoming shortly; suffice it to say that we'll be having the time of our lives on the longest day of the year; at least in the Northern hemisphere of the metaverse.

I made a quick trip to Aloha Dreams where Missti is entered in the BMC Model Contest. I don't know Missti, but she's in one of the beach groups that I belong to and she asked us all to go vote for her, so of course I did. I found her picture on the right wall and voted.

Afterwards I went to the new Irish Art Park in Dublin. DJ Danton and Eria were putting on a show, and guess who else was there? Isobela was wearing this fantastic green dress and I wore my new kilt. Everyone there was in green, it was so cool. Smitty and Brighton were in kilts too.

After while I went back to Isobela's beach and started working on my own beer keg. I've long had a fantastic one from Neferon's shop, but I want something that I can put logos and other pictures on. I've got a first draft done, and it gives nice cold beer, but I'll need to work on it some more later

Friendly Fire played at Poetry in Pixels again for their six-month anniversary. Mack and Case were their usual Glamtastic selves. One crazed fan ran up on stage and tackled Case and they fell off the front of the thing! Nobody was hurt, and Case just laughed it off. We all had a blast on the beach.

Costa Rica's First Art Festival in their new shopping district. There were some spectacular works; Isobela took the name of one particular artist to lookup later. According to Iso, "these people are frikkin awesome!"

We went back to the beach and I asked for Isobela's advice about my keg. As usual, she had all of the answers. It's looking much better now.

At 5 we went to the Dragon Skybar for the Goodbye Pele party. Chey and many of her friends were there, it was cool meeting so many different people. At the end of the party Chey had us move to a separate sky platform to watch her blow up the Skybar. Chey even provided Champagne for us!

It was so sad, and many of the ladies cried. Yet it marks a new beginning for Cheyenne, too. She'll have her own island, called Whimsy, for not much more than she was paying for something half that size. And even better she'll own it and not have all sorts of crazy zoning restrictions or crazy neighbors moving in. I'm really looking forward to visiting once she has it set up.

Isobela was able to wrangle us an invitation to Trent and Mina's Virtual Light Studio bash, held on the VLS Studio Lot. We met all sorts of cool people; many club owners and other big wheels. They had an awesome fireworks and light show going for most of the night.

Later we went to the Glamshack to see the DJ Jocelyn and Jenda show. Everyone was dressed for St. Patrick's day, and Rosie's and Missy's getups were totally awesome! Later, Iso and Mack changed into matching tops! Fantabulous!

I had problems there, though; my dance bracelet and poofers weren't working. I think maybe there is some type of electrical interference, or they changed something there, but it's very frustrating to have your stuff not work when you go to certain clubs.

The bash at VLS was cool; Isobela has often taken me to parties she's invited to where I meet the coolest people in SL. It was nice to be able to take her to a party that I was invited to, and have cool people there to talk to. And being able to watch stuff blow up at the end made it even better!


Jenda Starbrook said...

The Glamshack has scripts turned off due to griefers. Case & I were discussing it in IM last night as a few people were asking why their chims weren't working, etc. He assured me he is trying to work something out.

While we're on the subject of The Glamshack last night, let us not forget to mention that Rosie and Nef's shamrock pasties won them a cool 5K each from Case and that Iso and Mack look quite delectable in them as well. *winks*

It was good seeing you last night Tycho! HOO!

Tycho Beresford said...

Maybe turn scripts off when no one is there, but turn them back on when there is a host/hostess on duty to keep an eye on things?