Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bushy Beards for All!

Friendly Fire was playing at The Bushy Beard Pub in Bruges. The Rails played immediately before them, and a DJ was scheduled after. I went there a little early to hear the Rails; Mack and Case have talked about them before but I don't recall ever hearing them. They were pretty good.

Of course I like Friendly Fire much better. Mack had me working not only as group officer but also as a roadie, setting up amps and microphones and such. The show was Glamtastic! It had been a while since I had been to The Bushy Beard and I hardly recognized anyone there. Rosie had stopped by and sat at the bar in the back; Rosi, Ajay and Willa, the Pub's hostess and one person on the dance floor and that was it. With as crowded as it was I'd expect to recognize more people.

Rosi and Ajay were really going after each other; I feel another mudpit showdown coming on! After the show, and after dinner, Isobela and I met with certain individuals in an undisclosed location once again. Isobela's project is gonna be cool; we met for almost 2 hours. Plans are in progress. The co-conspirators are meeting again next week. Stay tuned.


Case said...

I have to say Tycho, you did an excellent job handling the gear, thank you very much. I'd help with the gear myself, but I have an obligation to 'the muse' to properly prepare my attitude for the performance. Mostly it involves watching everyone else run around doing the work. I can't explain why it's so effective, I figure best to not question it.

Also, next time if you could give me an extra 3/4" of height on the mic stand, and an additional 11 degrees downward pitch on the mic itself, that would be great. I don't want to be one of those nitpickers you read about all the time.

Tycho Beresford said...

Based on a scientific poll of a random sampling of your officers, I have come up with an even better place to locate your microphone!

Case said...