Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Sona Duit! (Happy St. Patrick’s Day!)

We're thinking about calling the beach the Impact Area. It's right next to Jer's property, and he and Isobela are constantly playing with guns and bombs and knives and such. It's a good thing that target dummies don't bleed, because if they did we'd have to call the whole area the Red Sea.

In any case, last night the radio on the beach was malfunctioning, putting out these horrid noises. I think Isobela called it trance music. Eventually she, too, got tired of it but was unable to turn it off. I said I knew how to turn it off, walked up to it and put a full clip from my MAC 10 into it. Unbelievably, the thing was still playing!

Right then Jer and his friends showed up. Jer asked if I was shooting at him, because we often do that to each other; but I said that no, I was trying to turn the radio off. When they left, as a friendly parting gesture he shot a high-explosive rocket right as Isobela and my feet that threw us against the cliff face a few properties over. He is such a card!

Then it looked like he was going out to turn around and make another run at us. I had a few seconds to get ready, so I was deciding between pulling out some heavy artillery, calling my tarn back and going after them on him, getting out my bow for the comedy factor, or getting on my flying skateboard of death that I used to take him down last time.

While I was thinking about this, Isobela had put on this huge backpack thing with cannon muzzles poking out over each shoulder and an integrated helmet with an infrared targeting sight and was using it to put up a wall of lead in front of Jer. He left in a hurry. (Note to self: don't get Isobela pissed off at you!) Anyway, Impact Area seems like a good name.

This afternoon Friendly Fire was playing a special show at their usual Thursday-night party spot Club Casa Blanco, and then they would have another show late in the evening. When I got home and checked my mail I found out that they had already played a gig that day! There were a few notices From Isobela about the show at the Glamshack. Next year I'll need to remember to stay home from work on St. Patrick’s day; it's one big party around here!

Club Casa Blanco was done over with a totally Irish theme; the walls and ceiling were covered in four-leaf clovers and during the show there was a gentle rain of them falling off onto us. Case had modified a traditional St. Patrick’s Day greeting into “Erin go braless." Plus of course Case and Mack sang Danny Boy. He's getting better and better at it! Mack and Case had to leave shortly after the show; she had a Shepard's Pie in the oven.

Later I stopped by the Glamshack for a bit of the DJ Shayla and Isobela show, then it was off to Tudy's to work. Friendly Fire's third show of the day was at Tudy's Live Entertainment Music Club. Sylkar was on before Friendly Fire singing and playing guitar; he is very good!

Skylar and many of his fans stayed on to listen to Mack and Case. They helped make it a very busy night for me, but Willa stopped in to help me out bless her heart. x5daddie stopped by too, it had been a long time and it was good to see him.

In keeping with the four-leaf clover theme of the day Friendly Fire was Shamtastic! And of course Mack and Case sang Danny Boy just before midnight SFT (South Florida Time). Therese followed Mack and Case, singing and playing piano. I couldn't stay for long, though. It was very late and I get up early for work. Life is good.

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