Sunday, March 23, 2008

He's The Man!

Friendly Fire was scheduled for four performances today; I worked the second at at Gwampa Kamp Castle in Pacific Shores. I tried to get to the first show, the one Isobela was working, but traffic was too bad; there was just no way to get there. That one was another charity gig, and I heard that Innis was matching donations so I figured it must be worthwhile cause.

Gwampa's Castle was hosting a benefit for AngelHeros charity, to help kids who haven't had the opportunities many others have had. Innis and 1792 Productions was again matching all donations made. My friend Jenda was there helping out with announcement to the Glamshack group, and I saw Mustang2 there! From what I've heard he's very big into music and charity events; he set up a benefit concert last summer to help earthquake victims in Japan.

All of you that know and love Mack and Case probably realize that their signature final song might not really be appropriate for a benefit concert for children. They had not been planning on playing it, but Innis wanted to hear it. Case the raconteur apparently proposed to Innis the they would sing that song if Innis agreed to match double contributions during that song! For every dollar donated, he would put in two!

Well Innis agreed so Friendly Fire played the song that Jocelyn calls the Duck song. There were many people there that had never been to a Friendly Fire show and absolutely loved the song. Case put out the call "Let's put Innis in the poor house!" and the guy taking donations was bowled over! At the end they gave the totals:

[14:02] Nekololi shouts: Innis owes us a donation of L$44,094
[14:04] Nekololi shouts: Wow Innis rounded up to a full 50,000
[14:07] Nekololi shouts: The total gained the past hour is L$99,094

Friendly Fire was the second to last act of the day, Mash played after them. At the end of the hour the venue had raised approximately 170 some thousand so far that day. There are nine artists scheduled for Sunday; starting at noon for an hour each are Mykal Skal, Eliz Watanabe, The Schumanns, Freestar Tammas, Fable Sinatra, Jace Collins, Ande Foggarty, Edward Lowell and Maximillian Kleene.

Later int he Day Chey had invited me to go and see her new island of Whimsey. Most of the terraforming is done; she has done alot of work already and it's looking real good. There was an alligator there, and he was looking pretty hungry, but luckily someone else called him a crocodile. This offended his sensibilities and he took off after them instead of me. They had a blimpquito, a cool vehicle that is kinda like a pedal-powered personal blimp. so they were able to fly up and out of danger.

I took out my Ultralight and Cheyenne and I took off before the gator could get us. It wasn't the most ideal takeoff area, and the first half-minute or so of flight was very harrowing; but we eventually made it and took a nice aerial tour of the island. Pele is back in her volcano, and the temple to worship and throw offerings to her is in place. This place is going to be so cool.

I missed the third Friendly Fire show of the day, but did make it to the Money Island Live Music venue for most of the show. That is a huge place; when I arrived I saw many masses of people at different places, I wasn't sure which one Friendly Fire was playing at until I saw Mack's poofer go off! The sound system on that stage wasn't up to Mack and Case, but of course they were still Glamtastic!

Bearegard played after Friendly Fire; the Money Island Live Music venue was hosting 48 hours straight live music; their previous record was 32. What an amazing weekend for music! I was tuckered out though, so I went back home and played with knives some.

Mack set up a conference call with Isobela and I to ask us to come help them out; they were going to go for a record-setting 5th show that evening! The regular show at the Glamshack was canceled so Mack and Case stepped up to the plate once again! Of course Iso and I headed right over.

Friendly Fire played a special half-plugged show tonight! Or, half-unplugged depending on your point of view. In any case, it wasn't their usual tunes but still fantastic, high-energy Rock and Roll! It was also a very special occasion, Padula's birthday! The place was filled with well-wishers, even the tip jar was wishing Padula a Happy Birthday!

Case and Mack were pretty frazzled and worn down at the end of their fifth show, so many of us took the opportunity to kick them while they were down; but all in good fun. Man of the year Innis asked "Is this so we all really, really appreciate joce next week?"

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