Monday, March 3, 2008


I did a thorough cleanup of Mack's Gestures today. Without her around to keep things tidy a small family of cobras had taken up residence. A bunch of jackalopes were there hunting the snakes, and some giant hawks had built a nest up in the rafters and were feeding the jackalope to their young. But not to worry, they and their mess are all gone now.

Went to see DJ Jocelyn at 50's Corner for a 60's show. Isobela arrived shortly before me and we danced the Salsa all the way through. It was a real fun time; I hardly ever make Joce's Sunday afternoon shows but this time it seemed like just about everyone who was anyone was there. Hare even coined my new favorite saying for the day: YESH! No Mack and Case though, I'm still keeping an eagle-eye out for them.

I headed over to the rocky heights of Nightclub Echo Echo a little before the Friendly Fire show would have started, just in case, but still no Case. Or Mack. Babushka was there, dancing by herself, just like last week. I planted it at one of the tables on the lower deck and waited for DJ Jocelyn and Tracy.

Tracy arrived early for a change but needed help in finishing getting dressed. Then she needed help with her hair. This was all time she could have spent getting her group notices in order; but she wouldn't be the Tracy we all know and lobe if she did something like that!

Tonight’s theme for Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness was DANCE! "Get on yer favorite dance outfit gang!" I wore my Ringmaster Tux with top hat and tails (at Joce's suggestion) and Isobela wore a stunning long black dress that matched it perfectly! We did the Ballroom dancing thing and put everyone else there to shame.

At the end of the night we were all blessed to hear the sweet, sweet strings of Radio Show reverberating off the granite peaks. Unfortunately the Glamtastic Duo were not there in person, but DJ Jocelyn played a few of their chart-busting hits for us. Life is good.

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