Monday, March 17, 2008

A Moving Day

I moved out of Pele today, very sad. I filed a change of address form to Topside, Isobela's Beach. We need a better name for the beach, it's a cool place and Iso is working to make it even better.

The Skybox was finally finished; well I'll probably be constantly tweaking it but it's good enough now to be a cool place to come back to. My next project for it might be a retractable landing pad that fits underneath that I could use for my Ultralight.

There was all sorts of stuff going on in Dublin being that tomorrow is St. Patrick's day. I tried to get to Fibbers but the streets were jammed full; they weren't letting anyone else in, even Me! When I finally got through using back streets I arrived only to find a sign saying that Fibber's moved!

I was able to find the new place, but it was deserted. I was a little disappointed at first; it seemed such a nice, clean, well-run establishment. Nothing at all like the old Fibber's! But then I saw a stairway heading down, and down there was a small room with a stage, a few tables and an impossibly-small dance area. It has potential.

Up the street was the Saint Patrick's Day Parade so I went to check it out. They had thoughtfully set up some bleachers for us. Cher and Ham were up on this stage, and Cher was doing an excellent job emceeing the whole thing. Ajay was there, and Robt rode his bike over to see the parade; smart move!

I didn't stay too long in Dublin, I wanted to give others a chance to see the sights too. I had been thinking about buying a tarn, but have been so busy with building and moving and officering and such I didn't have a chance. I finally found the place I had seen them at a while back, and picked out the one I wanted. Usually the purchase process is pretty automated, but this vendor was broken, so I called the manufacturer. He came over right away and fixed it, and I helped him test his fix by buying my very own tarn!

I went straight over to Isobela's beach and we flew around a bit, but the airspace was pretty crowded with skyboxes and all. I took him out to Betty Page beach and we flew around all over the place there. I noticed that Trudeau Yachts had moved to a bigger location, so we went and checked their new store out, too.

Later there was a treasure hunt advertised on this neat little island called Thassa. I went and found a couple of good cloaks, but most of the stuff there was for the ladies. I did find some nice little out-of-the-way places that would be good for slow dancing.

I lost track of time while exploring Thassa and the next thing I know I get a Friendly Fire group notice from Isobela about the upcoming show at Nightclub Echo Echo - The Metaverse's Premier Rock Club where the Who's Who gather. Thank you Isobela for having my back, and you do the absolute best notices!

The theme for Friendly Fire was Saint Patrick's Day Eve, and to glam beer; but then their theme is always to glam beer. The place was packed! There were lots of new people looking for a way to end their evening after watching parades all day. Case tried to sing Danny Boy, and his drinking song; then at the end DJ Jocelyn was having some technical difficulties so Case blessed us with another rendition of Danny Boy!

Especially good news today is that my friend Willa was nominated to be the next Friendly Fire officer! Her coronation is scheduled for Tuesday, at the Beach Bum, so I'll have to get the cleaner's to do a rush-job on my Friendly Fire Officer's regalia. Things have been kinda hectic lately; not anywhere near burnout stage but another helping hand will sure be appreciated.

DJ Jocelyn and The Tracy held a fantastic Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness show. The theme was western rock, or something like that; anyway Joce and Tracy wore these cowboy outfits. I was wearing a green suit and didn't really want to change out of it, and then I remembered I had a green cowboy hat left over from Christmas. I was able to dress for both St. Patrick's Day and the western theme!

While I was there Rosie and Argus helped me with a problem I had been having with the Journey group; mainly it was that I was in the wrong one. The group I had somehow ended up in was more for administrators and such so they didn't have the show notices going to it. Hopefully I'll start getting more Journey Island notices now cause it's an amazing place and I'd like to go there more often.

Towards the end of Mayhem and Madness DJ Jocelyn played Starship - We Built This City which I had requested for my tarn, who was hovering outside. Hmm, gonna have to give him a name too. Maybe call him "curmudgeon"? Oops, nope; that name is already taken by some other cool guy. I'll have to ponder this.

Mack and Case were even dancing together! I don't think I've ever seen that before. I mentioned it to Isobela and she figured Mack must be getting lucky tonight! After the show everyone left fairly quickly, Isobela and I closed the place down again.

We went back to the her beach and took the tarn for a short ride around many of the Cove islands. When we got back to her beach Jer stopped by with a couple of his friends in this aircraft-type thing. He wanted me to go flying on my tarn with them but it had gotten very late, so I had to decline. Isobela and I said our goodbyes and I headed back to the skybox; another long, beautiful, wondrous day in the metaverse.

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