Sunday, March 9, 2008


I went back to Korat City this morning and met a lady whose city had been destroyed. she was looking for a new one. She is a scribe but was in training to be a physician, I think she'll likely stay here. I met another warrior of the city, Fly, and a panther girl that wanted to get into the city.

I went back to the skybox to work on it some more. It's mostly populated with stuff now and the basement is filled. I went and bought a new hot tub but was having problems with the controls. I talked with the manufacturer, all his floor models have same problem, but he said it was supposed to do that. Not a problem, though; I can fix it myself.

Later I went to the target range at TalTECH Weapons and practiced with my katana, bow, spear and whip. Don't much care for the spear or whip; seems like they would have special applications. The sword was good, and the bow of course. After I was through shredding a few target dummies I couldn't resist pulling out the fabulous MP-5-N sub-machine gun that Isobela had bought be and blowing away a few more.

The afternoon was spent made some accessories for the skybox. I saw this super on/off thing before and decided to make my own. It will make it easier to keep the place clean and presentable and help reduce clutter! The entire metaverse was in gridlock, so it was a very frustrating time making a fairly simple object.

Sunday night and for the first time in way too long we had Friendly Fire opening for DJ Jocelyn at Nightclub Echo Echo. I got there early and put the scrolling "Welcome Back", "Mack and Case", "We Lobe You!" sign that Isobela made above the doorway. They talked about it during the show; cool.

The second song that Friendly Fire played was the new Go GO, and they started the last third of their show with the other new one, Looking for a Party. At least I think those are the names of the shows; Ajay may have been trying to correct me but the crowd noise in that place was incredible!

And I have to congratualte mack, she bought the Poofer Triggering Quick Study guide and was able to trigger her poofer all by herself! Case was mumbling something about having the first annual Mr. Glamtastic pagent here next weekend; stay tuned.

Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness with DJ Jocelyn featured a special guest hostess, Jenda! The air was filled with Jocelyn's Rock and pure Jendaliciousness! Joce started off the show strong with the Black Eyed Peas - Let's Get it Started and just contuinued to rock out. Rosie led us in an awesome line dance for most of the show!

Isobela and I closed the place down. Listening to the conversations during shows is really entertaining and enlightening. There is such an eclectic mix of people, and everyone is laughing and joking and having a good time. It's like we're one big, happy family. I wish the rest of the universe could experience and understand that.

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Case said...

Sir T, you are correct on the song titles but not the order, we did "Looking For The Party" early on and "GoGo" later. New material continues tomorrow night at the Beach Bum with a new number written and sung by MacKenzie. She's out of control. Oh, and while she did successfully operate the poofer last night, what you didn't see were the pages of "Poofers For Dummies" taped to the back of her guitar.