Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Glamtastic, The Wiley, The Willa!

On my daily tour today I stopped by Club Casa Blanco and noticed some construction work. It looks like they're doing some redesign; adding a second stage outside. This is probably for evening concerts in the nice summer weather. Coolness.

I added a runway to the skybox for my ultralight. I have it turn invisible when not in use so as not to be an eyesore. It works well. At least it works well for takeoffs, I need more practice with the landings. Good thing the skybox is armored!

Later I heded over to Shore Babes and the Beach Bum for the Coronation of The Glamtastic, The Wiley, The Willa! All the officers that were present were on Ajay's Death Chim; this was quite an awesome sight! Fluffy and Shagpile stopped in, but no Minni; she must not be feeling well still. In between fantastic sets Case told us that next week at the Beach Bum they will be debuting another new Friendly Fire song! Isobela was able to make it for the end of the show when all of us officers were up on stage with the new honoree.

After the show Isobela and I hung out in the Impact Area for a while making prims and plans. Jer and Rainey stopped by; there was no gunfire oddly enough. Jer has a new Job! Woot! He also gave me a couple of missiles to try out, and I showed him my cannon that I had set up at TNW East Residences; I got in shot myself from Impact Area beach to the far side of his property!

After they had left to go play in his volcano Isobela and I moved the dock back and are working on making a pool. We'll likely be spending alot of time working on things in the Impact Area for the next few days. Great Fun!

On a sad note, we received word that Jhonan's Club Eclecticality will be closing. Financial concerns are the main reason. He had a really fun place, I had a blast every time I went there. But, like Club Therapy, it's very hard to make it as just a club alone. Thank you, Jhonan, for sharing all the fun with us that you could, while you could. You've made this world a better place.

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