Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Shakin' it with Shayla II!

This evening I went to the Glamshack to listen to DJ Shayla, ably assisted by her hostess the lovely and talented Isobela! It was a light crowd at first, but grew as the dancing options expanded.

I pulled a Joce; Isobela set out some dance poles and I danced on one. I also tried Boinging on a dance pole, one wrong move and you get impaled! Elf joined in on the second pole, too.

Then Isobela broke out one of those DanceTables (where does she get these things? :) and she, Swanhilde and I danced on it for a bit; but got kinda dizzy. Elf and Debra tried it later, and then Ajay showed and took up position on the other pole!

DJ Shayla ended up playing overtime; the crowd kept making requests and we were all having a grand old time. It was the type of show that rejuvenates you and makes you feel good all the next day.

Last week at DJ Shayla's show I had asked for a relatively obscure song. She didn't have it, but said if I came back this week she would play it for me. Well a little ways into the show I asked for it again and it was the next song she plays! DJ Shalya Rocks!


Case said...

Dang, I sure miss hanging out at the Glamshack. Maybe today will be the lucky day!

Ajay said...

Good lord Case, I hope so!!! We miss you guys!

And there I am, mature responsible figure I pretend to be, pole dancing. Hee!

Jocelyn said...

You "pulled a Joce..."

I will never live this down. Bill, if you're out there...we're gonna have a Kill Bill night!