Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Rez Day Ajay, Hy, Dee and Britt!

Stopped by the stores behind SDI and bought a Buoy, Sea Glider and Everglades Air Boat. I set the buoy out, but I'll probably be re-positioning it constantly to fool interloper submersibles. Before I could get to try either the airboat or glider it was time to head over to the Dakari Coast to help gets things set up for Ajay's surprise Rez-Day party.

I had custom-made a Guest Book for people to leave well-wishes for her, and designed a Rez-Day hat with a funky candle on top that would spit-out random, complimentary pictures of Ajay whenever you touched it. Syn helped me with the pictures, and with the production efforts. He had also made up some unique t-shirts to commemorate the day.

Friendly Fire did a special show for her, and of course Mack and Case sang Happy Rez Day to Ajay. Glammers and Dubliners together, it was quite a party. Ham even stopped by! Later a mud pit was set up and Ajay took on all comers. Amazingly enough Serenity beat her, the ONLY person who's ever done so. Obviously, Ajay and I have never mud-wrestled. I was going to get int he ring with her but I didn't want to make her feel bad by beating her on her Rez Day, but someday soon I probably will. Besides, she was sore from the spankings.

Shortly following Ajay's party there was a Rez-DayHy, Dee and Britt at the GlamShack. I decided to take my new Everglades Airboat; on one turn I kinda lost control a little and drifted near Mack and Case's dock. Mack jumped on and I gave her a ride to the beach in front of the Shack.

DJ Case performed for Hy, Dee and Britt at the GlamShack. Dee couldn't to make it, but we toasted her all the same. The rez-day people had all sorts of friends and friends of friends in and out all afternoon; it was a very nice time. At one point I asked the group a fairly complex, philosophical question; DJ Case replied on mic that it will keep up for a week. Tee Hee.

Friendly Fire, Isobela and I eventually left the party to head to Nightclub Echo Echo for Mack and Case's high-energy, high-humor and high-fashion extravaganza! Steverino, who I consider the best-dressed man in the Metaverse, showed up; it was good seeing him as it had been quite a long time. Friendly Fire played I Love This Song, the second time today that I heard it! That ALMOST makes up for them not playing it last Friday night.

Britt was at the show and rocking out, but had to excuse herself to go to the little girls room. Mack and Case actually stopped the show in the middle of a song to wait for her to get back before they continued! We all waited somewhat patiently, and when she Finally returned the show resumed. She seemed quite embarrassed, but at least she didn't have toilet paper trailing from her shoe when she got back.

Nightclub Echo Echo is the place to be on Sunday Nights; not only do Mack and Case have a show but DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt rock on with Sunday Night Mayhem and Madness! She's Madness and She's Mayhem and together they are pure fun! The theme was Comedy Night at Echo Echo, a night Laughter and Sillyness. Isobela and I stayed for a little while, but then took off; I had been partying since the early morning and my nerves were a little frazzled.

I had been noticing the area immediately east of the GlamShack was kinda empty now that the Summer Solstice Festival art is no longer there, plus I'm always looking for themes for DJ Isobela's shows, so I had the idea to combine the two for a "Rock on the Dock with DJ Isobela" this Wednesday. Isobela made the idea even better by suggesting that we add a Spring Slide waterslide into the small bay there.

We had looked at these waterslides before, so we went straight to the store and picked one up; luckily they had immediate delivery available. I had thought to set the slide up with a north-south orientation, but as usual Isobela had a much better idea so we set it up east-west so that sliders end up facing the GlamShack as they come off of the final run.

When it was finally set up we both said "Holy Cow” or words to that effect. It is quite tall; you can easily see the Savoy dance floor from the top. We waved at mikki while she was dancing with some stud but I don't think she saw us. I spied Kimala's tip jar and in an amazing fit of dexterity I was able to tip her with one shot! Her tip jar had to be a good 350-400 meters away! I wonder if there is an Olympic category for tip-sniping?

After a few test runs I sent a snapshot of the thing to Mack and Case, so they stopped by on their way home. They tried a few test runs and liked it as well. I made an express elevator from just outside the GlamShack to the top of the slide; one climb up those support beams was enough for me. I also set the cost of inner tubes to go down the slide with to zero; just hit one of the two tube-maker balls up there, sit on the inner tube that appears and have a wild ride!

A couple of times I accidentally fell over the side of the water slide, fortunately most of it is over water so I didn't break anything. I found it is pretty easy to guide yourself and slow down a little on the upper parts of the slide so that you don't fall out. Once you're at the bottom in the bay it is also cool to play bumper-tubes!

Dee stopped by for a little bit, too. God Bless, our thoughts and prayers are with you.

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

HOLY COW! Once again that is an understatement!