Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vendui My Queen & Greetings

This morning I saw the duo Pillowfish in the new Fibber's. Very cool, authentic live Dublin music by rowanna and thom. Padula and niko were sharing a tip jar, not sure what roles they were playing on staff there. Freestar was there, too; I guess she was checking out the live music and these two were very good!

When they were done I listened to alittle bit of DJ Danton with his host Kennef, but had a bunch of chores to do. When I got back my friend Kimala asked me to cover for her at the Savoy the next two weeks, so of course I said yes.

United Warriors were having their weekly SpellFire tournament, being hosted at Stone Keep this week. The weapon being used was a two-handed war hammer, and was quite well done. Before the tournament began I sparred with a guy named Nax and lost 3 in a row. He fought before me in the tournament and obliterated his opponent, so I didn't feel to bad about the sparring losses.

My first fight in the tournament was against DraazHiyr, a Grey Elf of Shadow and wandering mage. As a mage he really wasn't one to fight with a large war hammer, and it showed. I got a couple of good hits in the first exchange of blows, and it went downhill for him from there. His tournament meter dropped from 100 to under 20, giving me the win, while my meter still had 65.

My win was mostly luck, really; this style of fighting is completely different than the wild melees I relished whilst a Warrior of Korat. It will take long practice to gain the proficiency here that I had there. This was tournament combat, though; with many rules to be followed. In combat I would likely do fine following the mantra of if you're not cheating, you're not trying.

In the second round I lost to Nax, Lord of The Crystals; the same fighter that I had sparred with. I had brought him down to 35 before going below 20 and falling unconscious myself. It was actually a bit closer that that score indicates; I feel that I did well. I looked at the tournament biographical notes on him later and his heritage is quite interesting; "Born from Timbavati, White Lion King of The Mountains and Cristalina's Queen Neesha. Grandson of The Piasa Bird, mighty Dragon from North American Continent." No wonder he was so tough!

In the third round poor Nax accidentally fell into one of the lava pits surrounding the tournament field, so his opponent Daniel won by forfeit. The ultimate winner out of the field of 26 participants was Daniel, King of Alderea. Nathaneil, Knight of Alderea came in second and Hunter General Dartagnan third. It took over four hours to watch the entire tournament; it's not something I would want to do every week but might be fun every once in a while. The good thing is that you get to keep the tournament weapon. The war hammer doesn't do much for me, though; I'll probably sell it to my uncouth barbarian acquaintance Urnst.

Later I was lucky enough to witness the rocky crags of Nightclub Echo Echo reverberate with the Glamtastic Rock of Friendly Fire! Promise subbed for Isobela who was off in an undisclosed location intent upon undisclosed activities. BEAR and babyboohoo showed up again; they are getting to be regulars.

Mack and Case sang Make Me Beautiful, I hadn't heard that in a while and it was real good to hear it again. Mack teased us saying that they always consider not playing it, but they did and I love I LOVE THIS SONG! Mack noted it was an anthem, not a ballad; I stand corrected.

Double poofer duty went off without a hitch. I was able to get a few more new Friendly Fire Friends than usual, that was cool. Jocelyn was there getting ready for her show, and she keeps getting the words wrong to Friendly Fire's last song; I'm not sure why; they are as plain as day!

DJ Jocelyn and hostess Britt had a 70's theme; mucho fine musica. It kinda evolved into a topless men in kilts show with tv theme songs. I guess they call it mayhem and madness for a reason. As always, a good time was had by all.

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