Thursday, August 21, 2008

Rock the Dock!

Isobela had refurbished the dock just outside of the GlamShack, next to the ridiculously tall Super Slide she bought and installed. We had our hump-day Rock party there with DJ Isobela DJing and we all had a blast.

The dress was "Evening Beach Wear", I wore board short and sandals while she wore a bikini top and long pants. Everyone else dressed however, though a few did change to beach wear once they arrived and saw us. Promise really loved the waterslide, she must have rode down over twenty times. The slide was a big hit with everyone.

Brooke showed up kinda late into the show, when asked if she had been down the slide she asked "Should I be scared?" Mack took her by the hand and went up to the top of the slide with her. Brooke shouted to us "OMG that is a longgggggggggggggg way down!!!" As soon as she hit the bay at the bottom it was "Again again again!!!!"

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The Fantablous Isobela Capalini said...

My Idea??? Hardly!
I do believe it was a joint effort from "TCB" (Team Capalini/Beresford) So while I would like to take credit for it, I can't. Was a great team effort! AND Yes the slide is amazing! (Free too)