Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drift away to the Blues with DJ Isobela

I went shopping this afternoon and bought a new bronze vest for my Rebel Hope Designs' Carlton Tuxedo to match Isobela's dress for her Blues performance DJing at the Savoy. She had an excellent musical lineup planned and it attracted a nice crowd.

Isobela's cousin Ranger was there, along with Jazno, Jia and Laural. And of course mikki and Hy stopped by! It was one of the largest crowds I have ever seen at the Savoy, at least when a live musician wasn't playing (thinks of Heath again, gotta get him to the GOAT; Isobela says maybe in Roctober.) DJ Isobela played well over her time; everyone was having a blast.

At the same time that we were at the Savoy DJ Cat and hostess Scotti were having a Silks night at the GlamShack! What horrible luck to miss that! I haven't worn my silks in months! We'll have to wait a month or two and have our own Wednesday night Silks night. This Wednesday though is Rock the Dock and I can't wait. Life is good.

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