Sunday, August 24, 2008

Tidings 2

I bought a new lance today; the one I slew the dragon with on Friday was one of those cheap starter lances and I figured it was well time that I invest in a decent one. As soon as I brought it home I had to take it out of the box and play with it of course, and for some reason Isobela got all upset at the dirt my horse Glam tracked into the house!

I went to the United Warriors training facility to practice with my new lance and Glam. There were two types of targets that I could use, one that mimicked a man on a horse and the one that had this itsy-bitsy brass ring hanging by a string that you were supposed to put the tip of the lance through from a galloping horse. It was actually easier than it looked, and I made it into second place on both practice scoring boards.

I had worn this ring jewelry, but not for my finger, last night and it was a big hit with Isobela, so we visited the store I had bought it at. I hadn't remembered exactly where I bought it, but did have the directions so we passed by. Turns out the place is called the Cheerleading Network. Case's picture was on the wall next to the front door as their Customer of the Month! The upstairs area is where I had bought my jewelry, but we didn't see any other of immediate interest.

We chatted and wandered around for a while, then kinda on the spur of the moment we demolished our house and built a new one! The main catalyst for this was an awesome pool/patio/hot tub combination that Isobela had found at Tiki Tattoo Palms and Plants. We went to the store and looked at it again and decided to buy it.

The main problem was where to put it. As we were discussing that I mentioned that I had an idea of putting our house up on stilts. Isobela merged the two plans together and we worked until 3am getting everything situated. There is still significant work to do, but it taking shape very nicely. She has the greatest ideas!

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