Wednesday, October 31, 2007

To the West!

I just missed the end of a Friendly Fire concert yesterday, but was able to join in the after-gig chat with them, Joce, Tracy and Jenda. The main topic of conversation was the costume party at TNW later that night. We danced for a while, and gave each other help/advice finalizing our costumes. We were done well before the party was to start but we decided to head over there anyway.

DJ Farr was of course ready for early arrivals and already had the music rolling. Others started showing up soon after us, a parade of ghosts, goblins, ghouls and other beasties. As we're nearing the end of the Halloween season people were bringing out their best costumes. Some were changing costumes throughout the night, each one better than the last. It was even better than the usual sights there on Tuesday nights!

I had a great time juggling conversations with Tracy and Isobela. Iso and I have been making a semi-serious study of factors affecting one's chances in winning costume contests. A factor I've been studying is how much to tip the dancers to generate their goodwill and hopefully votes without spending more than the eventual prize. I believe I've found the sweet spot. The actual dollar amount is classified, though. Iso has studied this factor also, with significantly different results. We both agree the differences in effectiveness are gender-related. If we can keep at it a few more months, and show statistically-significant winning results, we may be able to sell our research for the big bucks!

Tracy and I had a much longer conversation that the night before at Wheelies. We talked about different clubs we had been to and the good points about them, SPAM, different people's costumes at the party and all sorts of stuff. She even got me - I had made a ridiculous comment but she took it to the next level and it flew right over my head. It's very nice getting to know her.

I stayed home from work today and had a whole list of things I wanted to do. Not on the list was partying at 9am, but when Jocelyn sent out a notice she was at BEARinthe Morning's and they were rocking I just had to go. I put on an Indian costume I hadn't worn yet, and when I showed up I found Jocelyn dressed as a Cowgirl! My friend Tracy couldn't make it then, but I snapped a pic of Joce and I and sent it to her.

After an hour or so I was able to tear myself away and get my bare minimum of chores done. We have a new puppy, and I had forgotten the joy a cleaning the lawnmower after mowing a lawn full of puppy-poop. So a shower, back into Indian costume and off to where Joce is now DJing at BEAR's place. They are streaming her show live across the entire planet and even into near-earth orbit, as well they should. Tracy is here and we're reliving the best parts of the party at TNW last night and laughing about the funny things people say. She has to leave for work in a bit, and I'll probably take a break. I need to rest up for all the trick-or-treaters that will be visiting tonight. I hope to be able to make the party at Wheelies with DJ Nattalya later, but I just have no idea how things will go tonight. Sure would be nice to see everybody I saw there on Monday night.

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