Friday, October 19, 2007

Ya think ya know someone, and then they drain your blood...

Actually Dea Mama asked for volunteers, and I was quick enough to be first in line. I was in The Mist for a vampire-themed costume party, at least I think it was just a costume party. Many of the people there seemed to fit right in with the theme. Especially the Queen. We even had the Queen of a neighboring kingdom visit us with her staff. The other Queen - a natural vampire too. I sure hope I have at least a little neck left when Halloween is over!

After the party I changed and went over to Fibber's and had a grand old time. Mack had called me earlier to let me know it was rocking. Daddie was the DJ, that nut Anutte hostess, Friendly Fire was in the house, Brooke, Featherfoot and a cast of thousands. I wore a black outfit with red trim, and Isobela was similarly attired. We danced together most of the night and would have looked like twins if only I had remembered to dye my hair.

Daddie spun for an extra half-hour and by then it was pretty late. I have a very busy weekend ahead of me so I may not be around here much until Monday. It was good to get some fun in and get a good night's sleep. Off to don my chef's hat.

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