Sunday, October 21, 2007

Congratulations Duke Speedy and Lady Collette!

I was finally able to check my mail today and found an invitation to the Royal Wedding of Duke Speedy and Lady Collette. I wasn't able to make it because of previous commitments, and that's a real bummer. I've never been to a Royal Wedding in a castle; I'm sure it was awesome. I even missed the bachelor party! I bet Royal bachelor parties knock your socks off!

When I got in today there was a notice about a Friendly Fire gig starting in a few minutes, so I hurried over to Selene Castle. They were their usual fantastic selves; it's kinda weird but listening to them was almost relaxing after the hectic weekend I've had. Iso and Jocelyn stopped by to listen, and I noticed Jocelyn wearing like pajamas and fuzzy bunny slippers. I asked if she was in so much of a hurry to hear Case and Mack that she couldn't change, and she said there was a Pajama party at Fibbers later and she was getting ready for it. Just then I received a notice of a 'Night of the Living Dead' theme party at TNW later in the evening. I guess I know what I'm doing tonight!

I have a good Zombie costume for the TNW party, but I don't own any pajamas; don't wear them. Joce suggested shorts and a t-shirt, but that's not really pajamas. She said that boxers would be acceptable, and I figure I ought to wear a white t-shirt too; don't want to drive the ladies too crazy. Now I gotta go find out if I own any underwear...

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