Saturday, October 6, 2007

A Real Place

I've been bouncing back and forth between Dublin and Belfast nowdays; good thing the travel time is so short. I've also been catching Friendly Fire performances whenever I can. I've gotten t-shirt making thing down pretty well, and have been playing with scripting a bit. But the big news is that I finally have my own place! I rented a house at TNW West Residences. It's small, and the neighbors are close by, but they are hardly ever home so it's almost like I have the whole island to myself. There's a living room and kitchen downstairs, and a bedroom and patio upstairs. I'll probably be spending most of my time on the patio; the view over the water is just breathtaking - especially at sunrise and sunset. I've put a couple of chairs, a hammock and a keg of beer up there for now. I have a couple of living room sets, I set one up but think I will try the other to see how they compare. I lucked into a nice flat-screen TV a few weeks ago, and it's set up in the living room, but I have to wait for the cable guy to hook it up. No kitchen furniture yet, but I have my eye on some. In the meantime I have a large aquarium set up there.

I bought some wood-slat blinds for the place. They're radio-controlled or something because I can hit the switch once and all of the blinds on both floors of the house go up or down at the same time. Pretty cool. The front of the development has a small store with all sorts of snack food and drinks, and free bikes and roller skates for residents and visitors to cruise around the island with - one more thing on my to-do list. Right after I started moving in Lex the manager stopped by to say hi and helped me with a bunch of questions I had, this being my first rental place. He's a great guy, I have been to his TNW club many times - it's just across the bridge and past the gas station from the house.

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