Thursday, October 11, 2007

Still a Perfect Record!

Yep, the Saints are a perfect, winless, 0 and 4. This weekend we have another prime-time spot on Sunday night. I wonder how bad we'll embarrass ourselves this time?

Monday was Columbus Day and I had off from work. I spent the day in a sports extravaganza; I went surfing, mountain-biking, roller and ice-skating and snow skiing. The skiing was my favorite. A few weeks back I had found a place in the mountains that sold the skates I was looking for. I went back to skate there, noticed a ski-lift up the mountain and decided to try skiing too. I met a very nice young lady outside of the lodge who gave me an old pair of skis she wasn't using any more. I had trouble skiing at first so I went back to the lodge, talked to some people, and they helped me out. After that it was a blast.

The lady who gave me her skis also mentioned a place in the Alps that was popular with skiers. On the way there I picked up another pair of skis, the kind that come with instructions :). The Alpine place was awesome; it not only had a slalom run that you could time yourself on but also an Olympic-style ski jump. I did the slalom run a few times and found my new skis were much faster than the old ones, but also much more difficult to control. I had to go very slow if I wasn't to miss any of the gates. That got boring so I made a high-speed run, missing every gate except the first, and crashing into a storefront at the bottom of the hill. It was great!

Next up was the ski jump. It has a seat at the top for you to sit down and put your skis on, with a ramp in front of you with guard-rails on the sides. The bottom of the ramp curved up a bit to give you a boost to go sailing through the air. At least that was the theory. With my control problems the first few times I found myself falling over the guard-rails before I was even halfway down the ramp! That was fun, but wasn't what I wanted, so I tried going very slowly down the ramp. I didn't go over the rails, but at the end of the ramp I was going so slow I sort of just teetered over the edge, falling 40 feet onto my face. Good thing the snow was deep there!

I'm definitely going back someday to tame the ski-jump beast, but last night at a Friendly Fire gig I overheard some people talking about a beach with the longest surfing runs in the Metaverse. Steel Pier Beach here I come!

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