Saturday, October 20, 2007

Vana Nore

Vana Nore means Beautiful People. It is the tag-line for the DJ Elwe fan group. It is an invitation-only group and I was lucky enough to score an invite to a month or so ago. I've listened to Elwe many times at Fibbers, but by far my most enjoyable listening experiences are her weekly Sunday afternoon gigs at Ligeia's Emporium in Zurich. Ligeia's Emporium is a "Vintage Decor Designs" place that features an open courtyard in the middle that make a perfect place for Elwe to set up her equipment and the rest of us to rock. I have two of Ligeia's chairs at my place; she makes some real nice stuff.

What's so special about Elwe when she plays in Zurich is the wildly eclectic playlist. She'll go from playing my current favorite song to my favorite song from 25 years ago to a song that I've never heard before that becomes my new favorite song. It's truly amazing. The crowd never gets too big there, and sometimes there's language barriers to group chit-chat, but everyone is very nice an we all have a good time. A couple of weeks ago a young lady there taught me a new dance called Lime Jelly that I've since taught to a few others.

What's brought this up is that I missed her show last weekend, and I'm going to miss it tomorrow too. I made too many obligations for volunteer work. Next year I'll have to tell them that I'll just be working one day for the Fair, not six. My knees and back will thank me, as will my ears!

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